General Motors and Honda Working Together on Two New Electric Vehicles

That’s right, General Motors and Honda, two of the automotive heavyweights are co-developing two brand-new electric vehicles. The upcoming EVs will be sold under Honda’s name in North America, and it will be available as 2024MY. The announced models will ride on GM’s flexible electric vehicle platform, powered by the Ulitium batteries. But, the design of the exterior and the cabin is Honda’s department.

According to the statements, GM’s architecture will be engineered to carry Honda’s driving character. Furthermore, the Japanese automaker will benefit from GM’s OnStar connected-car services. For the forthcoming EVs, the OnStar will be integrated into the HondaLink safety suite. Moreover, Honda is planning to make available GM’s hands-free advanced driver-assist technology as well. That means only one thing – Super Cruise will be available as part of the standard equipment on these electric vehicles.


General Motors Super Cruise Technology

Super Cruise is one of the most impressive features and is part of all GM’s vehicles. This driver assistance tech is probably the best Leve 2 systems on the market. Until recently, the Super Cruise was a Cadillac-exclusive feature. But now, the company announced that the technology will be available in seven upcoming models. Also, General Motors and Honda partnership will benefit from this feature.

Besides the Cadillacs, the technology will also available in Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. Moreover, the electric Chevy Bolt EV will get it as well. Two of the 2020 models will feature the driver assistance technology – Cadillac CT4 and CT5. Lastly, we’ll see Super Cruise in the 2021 Escalade. According to the company reports, the total number of vehicles with this tech will be twelve.

Super Cruise offers richer mapping data and better lane data. Also, a new camera comes with improved face-recognition technology. On top of that, 2021 models will include upgraded eyed-tracking technology. The eye-tracking is definitely the best waa to ensure that drivers are paying attention while driving.


What Brings the Electric Future?

The Japanese automaker dips toes a bit into the all-electric class. Recently, Honda introduces the Fit EV and Clarity EV for the North American market. Also, the company offers cute, tiny Honda e on the European market. Moreover, the customers will have a chance to buy the all-new hybrid version of the CR-V model as well.

On the other hand, General Motors has big plans with electric vehicles. Last month Michigan-based company announced the production several EVs for Cadillac, Buick, GMC, and Chevrolet brands. All in all, the GM-Honda partnership looks very promising. GM’s electric platform is very impressive, and the Japanese automaker provides outstanding results as far as design is concerned.

Also, some of the best interiors come from Honda. On top of that, CR-V and similar models probably have the best driving dynamics in their respective segments. Therefore, we are very excited about this partnership and impatient to see these electric vehicles on the streets. According to the statement, the brand-new GM-Honda models should arrive in 2024.

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