Honda Will Deliver New EVs In Europe, US Market Gets Hybrids

The Japanese automaker will begin delivering an all-electric Honda e minicar in Europe later this summer. According to Honda’s Europe chief executive, Mr. Tom Gardner, the company’s second EV will come between 2021 and 2022. But, further details are not revealed. Honda expects to sell around 10K units of thee minicar annually in Europe.

However, the pretty EV will not be available for the customers in the States. Instead, the automaker will launch more hybrid models. The e minicar comes with a 35.5 kWh battery, which provides a driving range of 138 miles, with a WLTP cycle.

Furthermore, the plan of the “Electric Vision” strategy is to electrify all of the company’s mainstream models by 2022. The first schedule was 2025, but it looks like Honda will speed up the electrification.


Whan We Can Expect From Honda’s Electric Vision Strategy?

Obviously, behind the company’s motivation to go with the major electrification are Europe’s CO2 regulations. The change in European customer’s needs and behavior forces the Japanese automaker to reconsider its strategy. As a result, in October 2019 the “Electric Vision” is revealed.

Therefore, we will see second, of four brand-new electrified Honda next year. One of these models will be a hybrid variant of the next-gen Civic. Also, the automaker is considering to include a plug-in model of the Civic compact as well. Taking into account Civic’s small dimensions, we think that the PHEV version could be very suitable.

Moreover, according to Automotive News, Honda will deliver the Clarity plug-in to European customers as well. Besides the upcoming hybrids, Honda will discard diesel models. The other two of four forthcoming EVs should be the HR-V hybrid SUV and a brand-new Jazz. This model is sold in the States as Fit compact hatch.


Honda Is Preparing New Hybrids For US and Chinese Markets

Last year, the Japanese carmaker announced the development of a global electric platform, that will underpin larger models. These EVs will be delivered to the US, China, and other markets around the world. But, the new platform won’t come before 2025. Moreover, the larger EVs will come with the same rear-wheel-drive system, like the Honda e minicar.

According to Honda’s CEO Mr. Takahiro Hachigo, the company would prioritize hybrids overs EVs for these markets. Still, in Europe, electric vehicles are important, as more and more customers turn to eco-friendly solutions. Well, until the electric vehicles come to Europe, the US market still lacks a pure electric car. Well, that gap will probably last until 2025. Then, the expected new build-for larger-vehicles platform will arrive.

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