2021 Honda Insight Touring Offers Numerous Customizations

The five-seater sedan Honda Insight is one of the rare models that offers numerous customizations. According to the manufacturer, the new 2021 Honda Insight Touring is the top of the offer.

This trim features more than any other trims. If you didn’t know, Insight shares many components with the popular Honda Civic model. Generally, it delivers a similarly pleasant driving experience and roomy, practical interior. Like before, all trims will be powered by a hybrid system that is registering high output.

2021 Honda Insight Touring side

2021 Honda Insight Touring Design Updates

First of all, the upcoming 2021 Honda Insight Touring won’t drastically different from the regular model. However, some aesthetic changes are visible, and Touring adds more aggressive styling. As you probably know, the Insight share plenty of cues with the Civic model. For example, both ones offer the same roof and rear panels.

Like the regular model, 2021 Honda Insight Touring doesn’t push any design envelopes. There are no chances to guess that this is a hybrid model on the front. Interestingly, Honda didn’t add any badges to indicate that this is a hybrid model. Besides, Insight design is one of the best and is very easy on the eye. We liked mostly the new pair of LED headlights, taillights, chrome exterior accent package, and dark-finish 17-inch alloy wheels.

Interior Appearance

As we mentioned, the forthcoming Honda Insight Touring is based on the Civic platform, and it offers a spacious cabin. All passengers can enjoy a useful amount of space for a compact car. Moreover, because this model is a hybrid one, the manufacturer placed a huge battery pack beneath the rear seats. Besides that, the battery keeps the car’s center of gravity low (an asset for handling), it also enables them to split and fold. Thanks to that, this sedan gets extra cargo-carrying flexibility measuring 15.1 cubic feet.

The new 2021 Honda Insight Touring also hosts a techy cabin. This model inside offers great interior illumination package, leather interior, heated seats, and onboard Wi-Fi, and several blacked-out styling elements.

2021 Honda Insight Touring interior

2021 Honda Insight Touring Under the Hood

Like the other trims, the new Touring will feature the same hybrid system. This system consists of a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that uses the Atkinson cycle, which prioritizes efficiency overpower. Generally, this system is also common in other hybrid vehicles.

Besides, Insight also uses an electric motor that draws power from a lithium-ion battery. Moreover, thanks to that, the whole system makes 151 horsepower. This model sends energy through front wheels using a new continuously variable transmission (CVT).

2021 Honda Insight Touring rear

Release Date and Cost

The top-ranking model 2021 Honda Insight Touring is a great looking sedan that offers an attractive exterior and spacious cabin. This model hosts plenty of improvements, compared to a regular model.

According to Honda, the new Insight will arrive later this year with a starting price of $22,930, for the base model. However, because Touring is a top ranging trim level, it boasts leather-trimmed seating, power-adjustable heated front seats, a moonroof, navigation system, and a 450-watt stereo with ten speakers. This trim is the most expensive one and it starts at $28,840.

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