Honda S2000 Type RR Goes On Sale This Summer

The impressive Honda S200 Time Attack racing car will be sold by BH Auction in the event later this year. The vehicle, mostly known as Honda S2000 Type RR is famous for competing in the time attack events for more than a decade. During that time Type RR travel across the world and gain an admirable fan base.

For example, besides the home country, this vehicle is very popular in Australia. The fans in Land Down Under can recall the 2012 and 2013 Time Attack Challenge by the outstanding performance of the S2000 racer. Moreover, this vehicle holds class lap records at Suzuka, Okayama Circuit, as well as in Autopolis. Oita Prefecture.


Honda S2000 Type RR Engine

Honda S2000 Type RR uses a massive GCG Garret GTX3582 R turbocharged engine, which helps the modified 2.3-liter F20C four-cylinder engine to produce almost 1,000 hp. This model made a debut as an ordinary S2000, but now it is only available as a racing car.

So, it can only be driven on the tracks and specialized circuits. The powerful engine is connected to Holinger RD6S sequential transmission, which powers the rear wheels and comes with a carbon twin-disc clutch. Also, The Type RR includes Endless brakes, Eibach springs, and Endlessly adjustable dampers.



Besides the powerful mill, the Honda S2000 Type RR includes an impressive exterior design. The racer delivers the unique aerodynamic kit, which generates as much downforce as possible. Furthermore, the vehicle comes with a prominent front splitter, oval carbon fiber canards, unique side skirts, flared arches, and a towering rear wing.

Also, Type RR offers a diffuser package, which sticks the driven wheels to the pavement. As we mentioned above, the Time Attack model will be sold by the BH Auction this summer. At the moment, the starting price is still unknown.


Honda Reproduces Parts For the S2000, Production Starts in June

The Japanese company is preparing to re-establish the production of the special parts for the famous S2000. Honda recently launched a website where shows the new parts of one of the most legendary sports vehicles. Still, you’ll probably need to translate the site, since it’s on Japanese. Before the new S2000 comes in June, the owners may contribute by saying what part they will like to see on the new model.

So, if you want to participate, post on Facebook or Twitter what you would like to see, with the hashtag #S2000PartsCatalog. The main goal of this survey is that the automaker finds out what to keep and what to discharge before the production. Furthermore, the deadline for the owner’s feedbacks is April 30. Then, Honda will update the website and the final parts catalog will be released in June. Soon after, the sales will begin in Japan.

Moreover, there have been similar activities from other major carmakers. For example, Toyota will restart the production select parts for the A70 and A80 Supra. Also, Mopar and FCA Heritage follow the same path with the Lancia Delta HG Heritage. The same case is with the Mazda and its 1st-generation MX-5 Miata.

But, the pioneer of this movement is Nissan. Back in 2017, the Yokohama-based carmaker announced that it will start production of spare parts for the R32, R33, and R34 Skyline.

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