Honda N600 Is Winner of The Super Tuner Legends Series!

The Japanese company announces earlier today that a 1972 Honda N600 is the absolute winner of the first-ever Honda Super Tuner Legends Series. The proud owner is Stephen Mines, a longtime Honda fan. Stephen says that he’s been working on the vehicle for over five years. Finally, the hard work pays off. Under the bonnet of Honda N600 is a VFR 800cc V4 motorcycle engine with a rear-wheel-drive setup.

This configuration provides 12,000 rpm and amazingly deep powertrain sound. Also, the custom N600 uses a modified Mazda Miata suspension system. Other custom parts are ’67-68 Chevy Camaro’s modified front and rear bumpers, and seats from a Polaris RZR. What a combination. Of course, we must mention the other three participants in the grand finale. The honorable mentions are the 1978 Honda Civic, 2003 Honda S200, and 2015 Honda Civic Si.


About the Honda N600

After almost ten years of constant growth, which establish Honda as a top-selling motorcycle company, the Japanese giant turns to car sales in the States. The first Honda N600 was sold in the States in 1970, with a starting price of $1,300. This model was only 122 long, just enough to fit inside the wheels of some popular full-size car of the era. Also, the first N600 works with an all-alloy drivetrain, with 9,000 rpm and a maximum speed of 81 mph.

The design was straightforward yet skillful and practical. Besides, the N600 was a very fuel-efficient vehicle, the characteristic that most of the future Honda’s will retain. The N600 was the pioneer and synonym for reliability, quality, and practical car – the main components of every Honda to this day.


What is Honda Super Tuner Legends Series?

The Honda Super Tuner Legends Series is an extension of the annual Hot Wheels Legends Tour, an event that gathers the Honda enthusiasts all around the States. The Hot Wheels Legends Tour is the nationwide search for a life-size custom vehicle, with all qualities to become a famous Hot Wheel toy car. For almost twenty years, Honda and Mattel are partners in design Hot Wheels toy cars. Back in 2018, the toy manufacturing company released a series of eight iconic Honda Hot Wheels toys.

On the other hand, the participants in the Super Tuner Legends Series pursuits the opportunity to win the title and get a chance to display their custom-made minion at the SEMA Show. The industry’s main automotive specialty products trade event will take place in Las Vegas from November 5-8, 2019.

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