Honda Fit is Coming – What You Should Know

Honda has refined its efficient, and surprisingly roomy Fit subcompact model, for the fourth time since the debut. The first Honda Fit generation was introduced in Japan back in 2001. Since then, it’s been completely redesigned every six years. The second generation made a debut in 2007, and the third in 2013, respectively. Honda sold over 7.5 million Fit vehicles around the world.

This generation will offer five versions, but some of them will be available only for the Asian market. So, the third generation roster is Basic, Home, Fit Ness ( wink wink ), Crosstour, and Luxe. The Basic is the most wallet-friendly model, while the Home offers the most popular and useful functions bundled up together.

The Fit Ness, as you expect, is all about fun and healthy habits, while the sporty Crosstour adds roof rails and a water-resistant cabin. The Luxe will be the most expansive model, with a leather-trimmed interior and a bunch of additional equipment.


New Hybrid Strategy and Interior

The company’s president and CEO Takahiro Hachigo says in his introduction speech that the Fit is “especially important dor Japan,” and how, in a way, it the towboat of the Honda’s empire. The forthcoming Fit will present the usual five-passenger layout and traditional gasoline powertrain. But, the innovative two-motor hybrid system under Honda’s announced “Honda E” strategy is a big thing. We will inform our readers more about this hybrid system when we get some updates from the headquarters.

Furthermore, the cabin seats will be very supportive and slimmer than before. Also, the separation between the front and rear is reduced by installing some intelligent storage solutions. The Fit will provide an excellent field of view, thanks to the new skinny pillars that supports the windshield. Moreover, the tall triangles will provide visibility ahead of the side mirrors, which are pillar-mounted.


Will JDM Honda Fit Be Available in the USA?

Honda president introduced new Fit at the Tokyo Motor Show as a car “perfected in Japan for a global market.” The release date of the upcoming Fit is scheduled for the first quartal of 2020. However, the Honda US reports show that the official time of American debut is still unknown.

The PR manager of Honda America says that the Japanese version of Fit is not built directly for the US market. So, we expect that the company will have to overcome some issues before we see this model in North America.

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