2024 Honda S2000 Comeback Is Rumored

A return of the famous Honda S2000 may happen next year. In case you didn’t know, next year Honda is celebrating its 75th, and the comeback of the 2024 Honda S2000 is rumored. This sporty roadster was introduced in late 1999, and since then, it has been very popular in Japan.

Anyway, some of the new renderings of the upcoming model are available, and it looks stunning. The roadster features more study design than before, and we can probably expect a completely new cabin as well. Honda could put under this model a mighty 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 350 horsepower.

2024 Honda S2000

2024 Honda S2000 Design

Thanks to a new rendering, we have a close look at the forthcoming 2024 Honda S2000. Proportionally, the new model looks similar to the original version. However, the design is completely new and is very futuristic. First of all, we noticed a very thin LED headlamps and daytime running lamps that flank a Civic-inspired front fascia.

Likewise, the Honda S2000 doesn’t feature an upper grille. Two air intakes are visible, and they complement the lower radiator grille. Overall, the rendered model dominates on the front. We also like new black dual-spoke wheels as the mirror caps and the windshield frame. The rear is also rendered, and it dominates with full-width taillights and a generous aerodynamic diffuser.

Many Novelties Inside

Inside, we expect the new 2024 Honda S2000 to bring many novelties. This small roadster has received a couple of upgrades, and it offers very supportive seats. Reportedly, for 2023YM, it will gain the same treatment as we saw on the last NSX model. Actually, the manufacturer will use the same high-quality materials and probably technologies as well.

This means we can expect an infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration, navigation with real-time traffic updates, a few USB-C ports, Bluetooth, and an ELS audio system. Right now, we don’t know if this model will be available in a couple of trims or not.

2024 Honda S2000 design

2024 Honda S2000 Engine Rumors

There are many rumors regarding the engine of the new 2024 Honda S2000. The most possible one is that it might use the same powertrain as we saw under the Civic Type R model. This engine is very sturdy, and it consists of a 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine producing 350 horsepower.

On the other hand, there are many gossips recently that the new Honda S2000 could be electrified to keep up with the upcoming Tesla Roadster. Tesla’s Roadster is advertised to come with a mighty 200-kWh battery that should provide at least 620 miles of range on a single charge.

When Can We Expect the new 2024 Honda S2000?

At this point, Honda didn’t reveal much information about the 2024 S2000 model. We presume that the new Roadster will come with more-expensive materials and a convertible configuration, which should raise the cost rapidly. So, a price between $50,000 or even $60,000 is likely.

Of course, several options could be on the table as well that might significantly raise the cost of this Roadster. Many believe that the reborn of this popular car might happen next year, considering that Honda is celebrating its 75th.

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  1. Keep dreaming. I’m always amused when someone brings this up and the “rumor mill” starts again with updated drawings and wild speculations so, here it is. Honda will never build another car as raw or visceral as the original S2000 again. Federal safety, mileage regulations and this globalist climate hoax push for ALL electric cars makes it impossible. Plus Honda now has a dedicated parts catalog for the S2000 to keep it going for years to come but another affordable ICE S2000 will NEVER happen again and if it were to come one day, it would be $60,000-$80,000 and won’t be called S2000. Its cost prohibitive for a very affordable, limited production niche vehicle. Bet on it. That is unless the world pulls its collective head out of its WEF owned ass and realizes oil is the 2nd most prevalent liquid on the planet next to water.

    • Absolutely spot on assessment. The NWO wants us all in electric vehicles so as to limit our freedom of movement and to stop us dead in our tracks should we question their climate hoax nonsense and move against them.


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