2024 Honda Element Rumored Again

The new 2024 Honda Element has been again rumored, and we can expect its full reveal to happen sometime this year. The legendary SUV may make a comeback totally redesigned with a new design language. We’ve recently heard plenty of speculations, and the forthcoming model will surely retain its recognizable boxy appearance.

Besides many visual improvements, the Honda Element should also receive a more modern and comfortable cabin. As you probably already know, the Element is only available as a two-row SUV. Anyway, it has plenty of room inside and is capable of comfortably fitting five persons. We’re also expecting higher-quality materials and technological advancements.

2024 Honda Element side

2024 Honda Element Design

From many reports, the upcoming 2024 Honda Element will be more appealing than ever. For those who may not know, this model is one of the most distinctive SUVs in class thanks to its boxy styling and pet-friendly equipment.

For 2024, the design language will be changed a bit, and we’re expecting to see numerous design characteristics as we saw on the latest Honda Passport and Pilot models. So, the brand-new front fascia is a must, just well as a better lighting system. The Element will also receive some changes on the back, including new taillights and probably its own personality.

Interior Expectations

Inside, we’re expecting the new 2024 Honda Element to get undoubtedly more luxury than the previous generation. For a start, the manufacturer will make a more comfortable cabin by adding plenty of quality materials. However, as a model before, the new Honda Element will come with two rows of seats, providing adequate space for five passengers. Moreover, many believe that the interior will be influenced by the Passport model. So, if this proves to be accurate, we’re expecting the same level of elegance and some brand-new technologies.

Besides a larger infotainment system, the forthcoming Honda Element will likely get a new dashboard and finally a tri-zone automatic climate control.

2024 Honda Element interior

2024 Honda Element Engine Rumors

At the moment, Honda didn’t reveal any information on the engine for the 2024 Element. However, many fans are expecting to see something new, like an all-electric variant. Anyway, as far as we can tell, it seems that the new SUV will employ a 1.5-liter turbo-four, which is already powering some Honda cars. This engine is capable of producing a maximum of 190 horsepower.

The powertrain comes with a CVT transmission, offering very smooth shifting. The next engine possibility is a familiar 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with an electric motor. This hybrid-powered engine is able to make a total of 212 horsepower.

2024 Honda Element rear

2024 Honda Element Price, Release Date

Regrettably, we don’t know at the moment how much the new 2023 Honda Element will cost. As we said, the Honda Element will likely share numerous styling cues with the Passport and Pilot models.

In general, we’re expecting the forthcoming SUV to cost slightly more than the current model, which starts at around $20,000. So, the price of around $24,000 for the new model is more than acceptable. As before, the closest competitor to the Honda Element is the Kia Soul.

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