2024 Afeela EV: What to Expect

Afeela, a brand that was established a few years ago by two major Japanese companies, Honda and Sony, with the goal to develop electric cars, is about to launch its first production model first. The concept version has already been presented and it shows a four-door sedan layout, with some pretty interesting design solutions. The new model will look futuristic, according to the concept, but we still don’t know what it will be called. So, for the purpose of this article, we will call it the 2024 Afeela EV for now.

Despite the moniker, we don’t expect it to be ready by 2024. Most likely, we will see it in a few years and if we can trust the latest reports, preorder books will open in 2025. This should be the first model to feature Honda’s and Sony’s battery technology. Meanwhile, Honda will release a few models with technology that’s provided by General Motors. One such model is coming pretty soon, as the Honda Prologue, while we also expect to see its more luxurious iteration, with the Acura ZDX moniker.

2024 Afeela EV

2024 Afeela EV Design

When it comes to the overall design, we already have a car to refer to, even though the production is still years away. Namely, the new company presented a concept a while ago and we are pretty sure that the production version won’t be significantly different. We are talking about a four-door sedan, which brings some pretty interesting design solutions.

One of the first things you’ll notice on the 2024 Afeela EV is its front end, which features quite futuristic lighting groups, along with the rest of the face that also brings up some pretty interesting details. The wheels are coming from the future as well, while the rear end is probably the most special story about this concept. It features a sloping roof, resembling a coupe and would definitely like to see such a design approach in the production version as well.


The futuristic vibe continues on the inside as well. You can see a dashboard design that is covered with screens pretty much entirely. There is a massive one, which should replace controls that are typically physical but there is actually more than that, as there are two more screens, one on each side, that replace traditional side mirrors.

2024 Afeela EV Interior

Besides the futuristic design, we also expect this four-door sedan to be spacious. We count on a typical seating configuration, with two seats at the front and space for three in the back. Due to the sloping roof design, the second row might be slightly limited in terms of headroom. For the same reason, the cargo area might be compromised as well.

2024 Afeela EV Specs

The new all-electric sedan is still a few years away from serial production and therefore, it’s pretty logical that the officials are still quiet about power figures, battery specs and similar things. Simply, things are changing really fast in the EV segment, so no one knows what will happen in a year or two.

The two companies are yet to finalize the development of their battery and EV technology. According to the officials, this won’t happen before 2026, so that’s the time we expect to see this sedan. Of course, we expect respectable performance in terms of electric motors, batteries etc.

Meanwhile, the company will use GM’s EV technology, for the first all-electric models that are coming, such as the aforementioned Honda Prologue.

2024 Afeela EV rear view

2024 Afeela EV Release Date

As we’ve just mentioned, the 2024 Afeela EV moniker is used just for the sake of this article. On the other hand, serial production probably won’t start before 2026, while preorder books are expected to open in 2025.

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