2024 Acura Precision EV Concept Will Embrace a New Era of Electrification

The Japanese automaker has just introduced its 2024 Acura Precision EV concept SUV, which shows the company’s new design language that will embrace a new era of electrification. This idea gives a glimpse of the “dynamically designed all-electric SUV” that the company plans to reveal next year.

The new definition of the Acura Precision Crafted Performance design language that is being demonstrated takes its cues from premium Italian powerboats. A wide, athletic stance is used to present the new idea. This shows how important performance is to the organization.

2024 Acura Precision EV grille

2024 Acura Precision EV First Look

A fresh interpretation of Acura’s Precision Crafted Performance design language takes cues from the exquisite craftsmanship and artistic beauty of high-end Italian powerboats. By looking tough and athletic, the new 2024 Acura Precision EV shows that the company is committed to performance excellence.

The concept’s exterior is also finished in a matte Double Apex Blue paint, and it has an attractive illuminated Acura Diamond Pentagon grille. Nevertheless, it has eye-catchy Chicane daytime running lights, as well as LED taillights.

Futuristic Interior

Acura’s renderings of the cockpit depict a stylish, high-tech interior area. There is a steering wheel inspired by Formula One, and an instrument panel in the form of a bow. It’s possible to choose between two different types of driving adventures. In “Instinctive Mode,’ the driver is in charge while the cabin is illuminated in red and engine noises simulating performance driving are played. The second option, which is jokingly called “Spiritual Lounge Mode,” turns off the controls for the driver and lets the car drive itself.

The infotainment system switches to a calm aquatic display as the red illumination can be replaced with a cool blue tint. Materials that are good for the environment and can be recycled are also used all over the cabin. These include marbled recycled plastic, recycled aluminum, and 100% bio-leather.

2024 Acura Precision EV interior

2024 Acura Precision EV Engine Specs

Considering that this model uses the company’s newer Ultium battery architecture, we expect a very powerful setup. As far as we know, the new 2024 Acura Precision EV will be powered by two electric motors. The motors will be able to produce more than 500 horsepower.

Also, thanks to the very efficient Ultium battery, this SUV should travel on a single charge for 300+ miles. Unfortunately, we don’t know exact battery capacities, but we expect them all to support fast DC charging.

2024 Acura Precision EV rear

2024 Acura Precision EV Release Date, Price

We also don’t expect the 2024 Acura Precision EV to be Acura’s first EV. The ZDX all-electric is expected to arrive in the second half of 2023. This SUV will be the same size as the RDX, and it will have a lot in common.

On the other hand, the Acura Precision EV will debut at the end of 2023. At this point, Acura didn’t reveal any information regarding pricing for the upcoming SUV. Anyway, many experts assume that it could start at $50,000, or a little less. More information about the Acura Precision EV will be available close to the sale date.


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