2024 Honda Accord EV Could Become Reality Next Year

The new 2024 Honda Accord EV has been rumored, and it could go on sale at the same time as the hybrid variant. While details remain scarce at the time of writing, we expect the new model to get some modifications that will separate it from the rest of the trims.

As you may know, all-electric models are recognized by a closed grille, and you can expect the same to happen on the Accord EV. As for the powertrain, the new sedan will probably use two electric motors just like the Prologue model. It will come with the latest Ultium battery packs, delivering a driving range of around 250–320 miles per charge.

2024 Honda Accord EV platform

2024 Honda Accord EV Design

We think the 2024 Honda Accord EV will not drastically depart from the hybrid model at all. Anyway, we don’t know yet what packages will be available and what trim levels. The latest Accord Hybrid will receive many upgrades next year, including a refreshed front and rear end.

It will also introduce a new sports trim that will make this sedan even more attractive. From what we heard, the sport trim will add 19-inch alloy wheels as well as some extra content above the LX model. Overall, the EV model will probably bring even more uniqueness, which should make it more recognizable.

Modern Interior

We expect the new 2024 Honda Accord EV to offer more luxury inside than the regular one. As far as we can tell, the manufacturer is about to replace the aging 8.0-inch touchscreen by adding a larger one. Also, expect it to be compatible as standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

As for goodies, you can expect a wireless phone charger and an onboard navigation system as well. As for comfort, the manufacturer will add more supportive seats, and considering that EV models will use the new platform, expect more room.

2024 Honda Accord EV Motor Specs

At this point, we don’t have any information regarding the engine of the Honda Accord EV. However, we can make a safe assumption that it will use the Ultium battery packs like many future GM EVs, including the Blazer EV and the Prologue model.

Two powerful electric motors will power this sedan, providing great powertrain output. Thanks to that and its large battery, the new Accord EV will provide a driving range of around 250–320 miles per charge. In general, all will depend on configuration.

2024 Honda Accord EV interior

2024 Honda Accord EV Price, Release Date

The Honda Accord EV is on track, so we expect to learn more about the new model closer to its debut, which should happen next year or at the beginning of 2024. The latest rumors indicate that Honda is about to electrify many of its vehicles, with the Honda Accord model being one of them.

Unfortunately, Honda hasn’t released any information about the pricing or trim levels yet, but we expect the Honda Accord EV to start at around $40,000 and go up from there. As you can see, the new electric model could cost less than $5000, compared to the upcoming Prologue SUV, which will use the same GM Ultium battery packs.

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