2023 Honda Clarity Redesign, PHEV, Fuel Cell Specs

Reportedly, the redesigned 2023 Honda Clarity will happen next year. In April, Honda announced its global electrification plan, aiming for battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles. Honda literary confirmed the 2023 model, and we can expect it to featres more attractive styling than before. The new Clarity will be available with either a plug-in hybrid system or the fuel-cell variant.

Many rumors are suggesting that it will feature a tons of upgrades. In general, we expect it to come with a refreshed exterior look and to host more quality materials and technology. Besides all, many believe that this will be the last edition of the Clarity.

2023 Honda Clarity Looks More Unique

The upgrades of the new 2023 Honda Clarity will be visible, and futuristic look will be present. Still, the design of this midsize sedan is a bit polarizing. We think the new Toyota Mirai that’s in the same class looks a way sleeker. However, unlike before, the Clarity design combines a series of sharp creases and rounded edges. In general, integrated rear wheel skirts and lots of black plastic make the Clarity stand out in a crowd.

Most of the design cues we saw on the other Honda models, but the treatment used on the Clarity makes it more unique. The front fascia looks familiar, augmented by elongated LED headlights and giant boomerang-shaped DRLs. The Clarity still wears the same rear slanted window on the back, giving this sedan hatchback look.

2023 Honda Clarity interior

Cabin Upgrades

No matter which model you choose, PHEV or Fuel Cell, both have the same spacious interior. As we mentioned, the 2023 Honda Clarity is a midsize sedan with a 5-passenger cabin and excellent headroom and legroom both front and rear. The interior design is modern, and we like elegant wood, soft leather seating, and faux suede on the dashboard.

With the release of the current generation, Honda has replaced the traditional shift lever with a row of buttons, which is a much better solution. Clearly, the manufacturer saved some space in the center console, and it also looks quite cool. Cargo space in the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid is around 15.5 cubic-foot, while Fuel Cell’s storage tank reduces trunk space to just 11.8 cubic feet.

2023 Honda Clarity system

2023 Honda Clarity Engine Specs

The Honda Clarity PHEV is a relatively powerful midsize sedan that is powered by an excellent plug-in system. This model combines a combust engine with a 17-kWh battery, delivering 212 hp. As you can see, the engine is potent for that fascia, and it provides zero-emission driving for up to 50 miles.

So far, it’s one of the longest EV ranges in the segment. Besides this engine, the manufacturer also offers a fuel cell model. This uses fuel cells that power an electric motor, converting hydrogen into electricity. Thanks to that, this model gains instant acceleration with zero emissions and 174 horsepower.

2023 Honda Clarity rear

Will There Be a New Honda Clarity?

We can expect the new 2023 Honda Clarity to debut sometime next year with many improvements inside and out. The current Plug-in Hybrid has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $34,995, and we can expect the new one to be in the same range.

However, the Touring version starts at $37,595, while Clarity Fuel Cell is around $59,485. In a price match-up, the Clarity PHEV model is more than $6,000 above the Toyota Prius Prime and Hyundai Ioniq. However, it still uncut the Toyota Mirai by nearly $10,000.

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  1. I hope the Clarity returns because I have a 2019 base model that has become my all time most favoured vehicle. I have had many great cars in my lifetime but the Clarity has been the most reliable and reasonable car of them all. It just does everything well and it’s so fuel efficient. It is a car I am pleased to take in to the dealer for service because it costs are very little.
    Ring it Bach Honda and I will be a Clarity customer again and give this one to my daughter in-law.


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