Tenth-Generation Honda Accord Is Finally Available For Domestic Market

As it might sound awkward, but the Tenth-Generation Honda Accord made a debut in the home country in October 2019, at the Tokyo Auto Show. Yes, that’s almost two years after the US premiere. Well, it explains why Honda Acess waited until now to release the first official package of accessories for the famous car.

The unique set of accessories will be available from today, February 21st, to match with the national launching of the 10th-gen Accord. The mid-size sedan comes with a lot of high-quality materials, and premium features for the cabin.

The interior is peace-of-art, while the exterior comes with a recognizable design language. All in all, the 10th-gen Accord is a real head-turner. On top of that, there will be a two-motor hybrid setup, dubbed as e:HEV.


Exterior Design

The exterior of Tenth-Generation Honda Accord brings redesigned front grille with less chrome, sharper side skirts with Modulo badging, sporty bumper, and the trunk lid spoiler. Moreover, the darkened front Honda logo and the custom 19-and 19-inch aluminum wheels are available as well. These features will definitely help Accord to establish a recognizable look.

Also, Honda Acess delivers a delicate touch with a welcoming LED lights, when the doors are closed. On top of that, you’ll see a puddle lights with the Accord logo projected on the ground when the doors are open. Elegant feature.

One of the focal points of the exterior is the jewel-eye headlights. These lights are connected over the front nose, alongside with a gloss-black trim, and massive wide-mouth grille below. You’ll notice that the front fenders are muscular, while the edges of the roof are tilted a bit over the center roof part.


Tenth-Generation Honda Accord Interior

As for the cabin, the Tenth-Generation Honda Accord comes with a door bin lightning, and front and rear treadplates. The customers may choose if they want an Accord lettering (which is illuminated at the front). Furthermore, the Honda Acess offers a smartphone-linked drive recorder (DRH-204WD) that concurrently tracks what happens at the front and rear of the car, thanks to the available rear camera.

Besides, 10th-gen Accord owners might choose between trunk carpet mats, with deodorant and antibacterial treatment, or trunk trays, which can be removed and washed. The mid-size sedan provides excellent headroom, but the headroom could be larger a bit.

The taller passenger may find the back seats uncomfortable and tight. The trunk area is very generous, with a 16.7 cubic feet capacity. On top of that, the 60/40 rear split extends the cargo even further.


Engine and Price For Japanese Market

For the Japanese market, the tenth-generation Honda Accord comes as a two-motor hybrid configuration. This setup is known as the e:HEV. The Accord combines a 143 HP (145 PS/197 kW) 2.0-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder gasoline mill, a 181 HP (184 PS/135 kW) propulsion electric motor, a starter-generator motor, an eCVT, and a battery pack.

The automaker claims that the electric motor delivers 232 lb-ft (315 Nm) of torque. As for the price, the 10th-gen Honda Accord for the domestic market starts from 4,650,000 yen (around $41,530).

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