Acura Pickup Truck Concept Could Hit U.S. Market

According to the latest rumors, Honda is planning the production of a new pickup truck. The topic of numerous threads and forums lately is the potential arriving of Acura Pickup Truck Concept. But, we heard no official confirmation from the company’s headquarters. Maybe the teaser that leaked on the web is the reason for all the fuss.

However, when you think about it for a second, that project has some foundation a meaningness. The truth is, Honda is far behind in the compact pickup market. The Ridgeline model needs refreshment. In the same manner, the good ratings of the crossover and SUV models give a boost to the fans to think about the Acura pickup version as well.

If this concept enters the production, it will probably be a combination of a few existing models. The Honda Ridgeline will provide the platform and the powertrain, while the body will be more MDX-like. We sure love the idea. But what are the facts?


Acura Pickup Truck Concept

In the past couple of months, we had a chance to look at some of the leaked concept sketches of truck-like Acura MDX. However, the Japanese company denied that the designs are part of the official concept. Around the same time, some rumors claim that the pickup will be built in China. Also, the same reports say that the Acura Pickup Truck Concept will borrow a four-door cab from the MDX model.

On the front side, we will see a prominent shield grille. The interior will be very similar to the MDX as well. We expect to see the two-tone layout and the same dashboard from the mid-size three-row luxury crossover. Although the company turned down the rumors, we believe that the debut of Acura Pickup is possible. Taking into account that this market is not too crowded, this model won’t have serious competition.

Besides, this vehicle could be a perfect combination of Honda Ridgeline and MDX. We assume that the towing rating will be excellent, as well as the infotainment system and safety features. But, the downside will probably be the price. The Honda Ridgeline starts around $31,000, while the MDX costs approximately $45,000. So, the predicted cost of the Aura Pickup could be very close to the $50K mark.

What Does Acura Pickup Truck Concept Take From the Ridgeline?

Well, to begin with, Acura Pickup Truck will probably borrow body structure and powertrain from the Ridgeline. Honda’s mid-size truck is 210 inches long, with the 125 inches wheelbase, and 70 in height. But, the ground clearance is just 7 inches, not so good for the off-road drive. On the other hand, the MDX provides 8 inches of ground clearance. So, we assume that the pickup will be lifted a bit.

Furthermore, the Ridgeline offers a 3.5-liter V6 engine. This unit is one of the most potent powertrains on the market. It’s no surprise that the same engine is in the MDX as well. Still, the V6 produces 280 hp for truck and 290 hp for crossover. The SUV returns more mile-per gallons for a highway drive and comes with a lighter body.

The MDX offers more than one drivetrain option. However, we doubt that the Acura Pickup will include the hybrid, like MDX. But it’s not impossible. One of the solutions can be the combination of a 3.0-liter mill with an electric battery. This setup can provide around 320 hp and 290 lb-ft of torque. The fuel economy will probably remain the same.

The photo above shows the Honda Ridgeline.

How Will The Interior Look Like?

Before we check the potential interior design of the Acura Pickup, let’s say a few words about the cab configurations. Most of the class rivals use various layouts for their cabins. Yet, The Ridgeline offers only a 4-door Crew Cab. We assume that the Acura Pickup Truck could use the same configuration. No doubt, the luxury model will choose the most comfortable option. The 4-door setup will provide the most accessible in and out.

Moreover, the cabin will borrow most of the features from the MDX crossover. So, expect to see comfortable sport seats with leather trimming. The higher trim level will include genuine leather. Also, we hope heating and power adjustment systems for the front seats. Features like a moonroof, sunshades, and keyless entry/ignition will be part of the standard equipment.

When Will the Acura Pickup Truck Come?

At this moment, Acura Pickup Truck is still far from the production. The luxury truck class is not an encouraging market for good sales. After all, the utility is the first thing that comes to mind when we spoke about pickups. The companies like Ford, FCA, or GMC not developing their premium truck models.

This class is not a priority at the moment. Still, the Acura Pickup Truck concept could hit the US market. Honda needs attractive vehicles. The introduction of this model will draw attention to the company’s entire crossover, SUV, and truck class, luxurious or regular.

We mentioned earlier that the starting price might go around $50K. With all this in mind, we will wait for some official news regarding this vehicle and inform our readers.

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