2024 Honda N-Van Is Getting All-Electric Version

It’s been almost five years since Honda introduced its Kei-class van and no it looks like it’s time for big novelties. Namely, the 2024 Honda N-Van is about to bring a completely new version, with an all-electric powertrain. This will completely change the way we look at key cars, which have been characterized by super-small gas engines so far. What’s impressive is that the company will offer it with the same sticker price as the gas-powered model.

The company also promises decent autonomy and says that other than the powertrain, this will still be a classic N-Van. In other words, the overall design will be the same, as well as the interior, which shouldn’t be compromised by the battery. The new version has already been presented and we expect it will hit the market in the first quarter of 2024.

2024 Honda N-Van EV

2024 Honda N-Van Powertrain

As we’ve just mentioned, the biggest novelty for the 2024 Honda N-Van will be the new, all-electric version. So far, we haven’t got any specific details about power figures, but presume this drivetrain would include a single electric motor, mounted on the rear axle. On the other hand, the Japanese manufacturer claims around 125 miles (200km) of range, which doesn’t seem bad at all, if we consider that the vehicle is tiny and there isn’t much space for the battery.

On the other hand, the gas-powered model will continue in the same way, with two variants of a familiar 658cc inline-three engine. The base variant is naturally aspirated and puts out around 58 horsepower and 63 Nm of torque. On the other, the turbocharged version offers 63 horsepower and 104Nm of the max twist. Both engines can be paired either with a CVT or manual gearbox.

2024 Honda N-Van EV
Honda N-Box

2024 Honda N-Van Design

As we’ve just mentioned, the all-electric version will feature the same overall design and it will follow the requirements of the Kei car segment. This means it will keep the same overall shape, as well as dimensions. The gas-powered model is good for about 2.520mm (99.2 inches) in the wheelbase, while the overall length goes up to 3.395 millimeters (133.7 inches). The small van is 1.475mm (58.1 inches) wide and 1.950mm (76.8 inches) tall. Due to the batteries, we presume this model will be a little bit heavier compared to the gasoline model, which is good for about 1.220 kg.

In terms of aesthetics, we don’t expect bigger changes. Gas-powered models will continue in the same way, while the all-electric version will feature the same overall shape but come with a couple of exclusive styling details that accentuate its battery-electric character, such as a closed grille, slightly different front-bumper design etc.


Once again, this will carry on in the same way. From what we know, the overall cabin layout, as well as the dashboard won’t change in the EV model, though there is always room for certain modifications on the instrument panel and similar things. This van features a modern cab layout, with quality materials and a lot of standard equipment.

2024 Honda N-Van Interior

What’s more important is that the battery will be placed under the floor, so the 2024 Honda N-Van won’t lose any of its impressive flexibility and functionality, which includes four seats that can slide or fold flat into the floor separately, etc.

2024 Honda N-Van Release Date and Price

As we already mentioned, the 2024 Honda N-Van will hit the market in 2024, probably in spring. Also, Honda announced that the starting price will be the same as for the gas-powered model. That would mean around 1 Million Yen, which is approximately $7,300. Considering that the N-Van is closely related to N-Box and N-One, we presume these models could also get all-electric variants.

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