2024 Honda Insight Hybrid: All the Things You Should Know About the Upcoming Sedan

The Civic hybrid’s true successor is definitely the forthcoming 2024 Honda Insight Hybrid. Basically, the Insight is like a Civic but is quieter at low speeds and gets higher mpg. It has the identical size and shape as Honda’s small sedan, but an efficient gas-electric powertrain beneath.

Indeed, the Insight exhibits many of its best qualities, including a smooth ride, a lovely interior, and precise steering. It’s also noteworthy that it will cost you less than its non-hybrid counterparts, and it will save you money on gas. It will give you a little boost in acceleration, but it can be noisy when you step on it.

2024 Honda Insight Hybrid side

2024 Honda Insight Hybrid Is Nearly Identical in Size to the Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The Honda Insight’s exterior design is so far the most unique. It is elegant and fits into the current corporate design criteria of Honda. We believe it’s a positive thing that the Insight may be mistaken for a Civic or an Accord model.

Automatic LED headlights, LED taillights, and heated mirrors are a few fantastic exterior features that come standard. In addition, the Touring model adds a sunroof, LED fog lights, and stylish chrome exterior trim. Regarding size, it falls squarely within the scope of the small sedan market. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid and the Insight are nearly identical in size.

Honda Insight Hybrid Interior

The interior amenities and finishes of the 2024 Honda Insight Hybrid establish a careful balance between budget-friendly and high-end models. When compared to other hybrid competitors, the Insight feels a little more upscale.

The panel has a digital gauge that can display a range of data, including speed restrictions and a variety of information. The front seats of the Insight are low, yet there is ample room to spread out. However, it is disappointing that the driver’s seat does not have an adjustable lumbar support. Two adults can comfortably fit in the back seats.

The Insight’s battery is hidden underneath the back seat, so it has no impact on the amount of cargo space. The back seats can still be lowered nearly flat to fit larger objects. Honda’s 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system features built-in navigation and smartphone connection for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, among other features. We’re happy that it now has a volume knob.

2024 Honda Insight Hybrid interior

Hybrid Engine Details

The hybrid powertrain is the same for all Honda Insight models, but the fuel economy depends entirely on the trim level you select. The total horsepower generated by the hybrid/electric motor is 151 horsepower. Both the EX and Touring models get great gas mileage, but the EX gets better mileage than the Touring.

A CVT automatic transmission, which provides power to the front wheels, is standard on every Insight.

2024 Honda Insight Hybrid rear

2024 Honda Insight Hybrid Price and Release Date

The absence of the base LX trim represents the biggest change for the new model. As a result, the top touring model remains the same, while the selection kicks off with the more expensive and well-equipped EX. Honda has stated that the Insight will be phased out after the 2024 model year.

The 2024 Honda Insight Hybrid EX starts at $26,205 and includes a lot of standard equipment, so we’d skip the Touring model, which costs around $31,000.

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