2024 Honda Accord Type R Looks Way More Aggressive Than the Civic Type R

The eleventh generation of the Honda Accord will make its debut within the next few months, and it is expected to introduce some new features. Considering that the manufacturer has recently confirmed the new 2024 Honda Accord Type R, a fan made some renderings. As far as we can see, the upcoming sedan will share many design cues with the Civic Type R model. As you might already know, this model was spotted recently undergoing testing featuring thick camouflage.

The departing Accord 2.0L Turbo VTEC four-cylinder engine from the previous generation Civic Type R serves as the top powerplant in the Accord. However, the motor’s been detuned from 306 to 252 horsepower, but it still gives the Accord acceptable driving qualities. On the other hand, the performance figure for the Accord Type R is expected to be around 325 hp.

2024 Honda Accord Type R

2024 Honda Accord Type R First Look

Because of a newly created rendering, we were able to see that the stylistic language is taken from the Civic. While the evolutionary rather than revolutionary style upgrade is due to the departing model’s limited life cycle, this CGI job (pixel tip to AutoYa) also incorporates Civic Type R components.

The hood, the front grille and apron, the side skirts, the wheels, and the rear wing are the same components. Overall, the new 2024 Honda Accord Type R, in our opinion, looks way more aggressive than the Civic Type R.

Sporty and Modern Interior

The inside of the 2024 Honda Accord Type R is anticipated to resemble that of the Civic Type R variant. There will be a ton of eye-catching aesthetic cues on the new car. The front seats will be quite supportive and comfy, and we anticipate seeing red accents and faux carbon-fiber trim.

The Accord Type R should work well as a vehicle that may serve a number of functions since it keeps the same amount of passenger and luggage capacity as the basic model. We anticipate seeing the most recent iteration of Honda’s infotainment system, which is managed via a 9.0-inch touchscreen. It comes with widely utilized wire-free capabilities like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2024 Honda Accord Type R interior

Engine Expectations for the 2024 Honda Accord Type R

As this is the standard model that uses a 2.0L Turbo VTEC four-cylinder engine from the previous generation Civic Type R, we can expect this engine to be mapped for the Honda Accord Type R. From the information that we got, the new model will be able to produce around 325 horsepower. Compared to Civic Type R this is significantly more.

The hybrid component of the Accord’s next generation is something Honda wants to explore further. So, we’ll get a gas-electric system and maybe even a plug-in hybrid in addition to the already mentioned 2.0L Turbo and the standard 1.5L Turbo, which should go from 192 horsepower to 200 horsepower.

2024 Honda Accord Type R front

Release Date and Price.

The 2024 Honda Accord Type R is not likely to be available to the public until the following year. The new performance mode will most likely be introduced by the company sometime in the early part of 2023. So, we expect sales to start in the same year.

Unfortunately, Honda has not yet provided any information on pricing, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will do so soon.

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