2023 Honda Fit: Redesign, Hybrid Specs, Release Date, and Price

The new 2023 Honda Fit will bring many upgrades, according to recent reports. In general, the most exciting news is that the next generation hatchback will be powered by a new hybrid system. This car is small, compact, and it has a great design.

Fortunately, the next model continued to be offered in Japan after it was discontinued a year ago in America. Besides the new hybrid setup and some modifications outside, we can also expect this model to be available with a more comfortable interior. As far as we know, the manufacturer will add more quality materials and a lot of standard equipment.

2023 Honda Fit Side

2023 Honda Fit Redesign Details

The 2023 Honda Fit is a hatchback that has a great reputation in Japan. This model is small, compact, and is very easy to drive (maneuver). It features boxy and excellent design with more aerodynamic lines than before. For 2023, Honda’s subcompact hatchback will mostly be refreshed on the front and rear fascia.

It will include a new grille, LED headlight, and similar wheels as we saw on the Jazz model. We also expect some small modifications on the side and back, including stylish wheels, new taillights, and more attractive appearance.


On the inside, the 2023 Honda Fit will be modern as well, and the manufacturer will add more upscale materials. However, like the previous generation, the new one will probably keep the same seating layout. This hatchback can fit four passengers, with decent legroom and headroom. In general, this model is useful for a small family and passengers that don’t seek for comfort as the Honda CR-V offers.

This car also maintains very supportive seats and the “Magic Seat” rear seats that give unparalleled flexibility. Besides, we also expect the new Fit to come with a much larger infotainment system to keep with other rivals. So, everything below 8-inch is not a good option. Moreover, the infotainment will definitively support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2023 Honda Fit interior

Hybrid Specs

The upcoming 2023 Honda Fit will come with a new hybrid engine. According to rumors, the car will use a proven 1.5-liter engine, one electric motor, and a small battery.

Thanks to that, the Fit should produce at least 150 horses, which is an increase of 33 hp over the current generation. A six-speed manual gearbox is the standard transmission, but we also expect a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that will maximize fuel efficiency.

2023 Honda Fit rear

2023 Honda Fit Release Date, Price

The upcoming 2023 Honda Fit will receive a redesign for the following year, which should make this small car more competitive. Like before, the Honda Fit will try to beat many rivals, and the closest ones are the Chevrolet Sonic, Hyundai Accent, Nissan Versa, and Toyota Yaris.

It will reportedly go into production next year, featuring more elegant, attractive, and sporty design. Considering that this car is discontinued two years ago in America, we expect it to be available only in Japanese market. As for the price, many presume that it will cost less than $20k.

16 thoughts on “2023 Honda Fit: Redesign, Hybrid Specs, Release Date, and Price”

  1. Bring back the FIT to America! Best deal on a small compact with so much room! Little did I know when I purchased my 2013 that I would be hauling wheelchairs and walkers effortlessly due primarily to the ‘Magic Seat’. I alway put the in through the back door, barely having to lift; unlike trying to hoist into the back trunk.

  2. Please, please, please!!!!
    Bring the Fit back to America! I NEED the magic seats ;~) The lease on my 2020 HRV runs out in 2023 and it’s more car than I need for a single person with a big dog. But I’ll buy it if there are no more Hondas with magic seats.

  3. Please bring the Fit Hybrid to America. We’ve been driving our 2015 for the last 7 years. We get 44.5mpg summer, 41.0 in winter.
    It’s a great car, but a hybrid would make this car perfect. Fits have been so popular in our country, we need small quality cars like the Fit as there’s nothing else in it’s category.

  4. I’ve got a 2012 and I won’t be getting a Honda unless it’s a Fit. It would be my third. If it’s not broken, what are you trying to fix?

    • My 2017 Honda Civic has good milage, but I feel it is too long for me as a senior and I had trouble putting in wheelchair; I missed hatchback design. I am waiting for Honda Fit Hybrid! If Japan has it, why don’ t we, in U.S.?

  5. I bought 2017 Honda Civic for gas milage. I feel it is too long for me, as single senior. Was not easy to put in portable wheelchair; I missed having hatchback design. I keep looking for Honda Hybrid; waiting.
    If Japan has it, why don’t we?

  6. I have a 2012 Honda Sport Fit, my third one, and I won’t be buying a Honda either unless it’s another Fit. What’s wrong Japan? Too well made for the American throw-away market?

  7. My 2011 Honda FIT has been great and has over 302,000 trouble free miles on it!! I am soon ready to buy a new car and all I want is the Honda FIT!! I will buy one in a heart beat and my money is as good as Japanese yen, so bring it back for sale in America now!! We are chomping at the bit to get one and your sales will sky rocket!!

  8. My 2008 fit is a great car at 295,000 km with still many more to go. I’ve put it through the tests. Its been used as a truck hauling heavy loads, pulling a trailer full of soil and building materials. It has towed a tent trailer through all 10 provinces and from Vancouver to Dawson City, Yukon and back. The clutch was first replaced at approx 290,000 km. Please bring the FIT back.


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