2023 Honda Accord Type R: What We Know So Far

The all-new 2023 Honda Accord Type R is rumored, and we can expect it to be more attractive than the Civic Type R. Based on many reports, the new model will be introduced later this year, while sales are expected to start in the first quarter of 2023. As far as we know, the forthcoming sedan will ride on the same platform as the current Accord, and it should share plenty of technologies with the upcoming Civic Type R.

Interestingly, many believe that it will also borrow the same Civic Type R’s engine as well. This model is powered by a mighty turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 306-hp.

2023 Honda Accord Type R Renderings

Some of the new renderings are available, and the forthcoming 2023 Honda Accord Type R looks way more aggressive than the regular model. However, Honda will use the same architecture to build the Type R model. As far as we can see, the Type R gets some tweaks on the front and rear fasciae. Thanks to that, the Honda Accord Type R is more aggressive, featuring a big red H badge and small Type r nameplate.

We also noticed stylish and way thinner LED headlights, new wheels, tires, and suspension. At the back, the aggressiveness continuous thanks to an attractive bumper and unique four exhaust pipes.

Cabin Expectations

On the inside, the 2023 Honda Accord Type R will be modern and comfortable. It should also look sportier than the regular model. From information that’s available, the manufacturer will basically boost the cabin of the Type R, adding more quality materials and some red accents.

As the regular model, the Accord Type R will feature the same sloping roof. However, we don’t expect it to affect rear headroom at all. The current Accord has a rear legroom of 40.4 inches, and it features very comfortable seats. Moreover, the trunk volume should also remain the same with a class-leading 16.7 cubic feet. Like the regular model, the Type R could come with the same 8-inch user-friendly infotainment system.

2023 Honda Accord Type R interior

2023 Honda Accord Type R Engine Specs

The Honda Accord Type R will most likely share the same mechanics with the Civic Type R model. So, we can expect it to use the same turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 306 horses. In our opinion, we will not argue even if the Honda Accord Type R offers more horses.

Some experts predict that it will produce at least 350-HP or even more. On the other hand, many of us are expecting to see some sort of electrification as well.

2023 Honda Accord Type R rear

2023 Honda Accord Type R Price, Release Date

Considering that the regular Honda Accord starts at $25,000 for the model with basics features, the Type R should cost significantly more. We believe that the price of the Type R could be around 40k, which will probably boost Honda sales.

As for the release date, many speculate that the high-performance model could happen sometime next year. In general, it would be great to Honda introduce this model later this year.

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