2021 Honda S3000 Specs, Price and Release Date

The 2021 Honda S3000 draws a lot of attention from the automotive industry. Even though all we know is based on sporadic rumors and scarce reports from the company, the upcoming rodster will be one of the hottest releases of the next season. The Japanese automaker needs a successor of the S2000. The fans need a high-performance car. The timing is perfect, the markets around the globe are ready, basically it all up to Honda to make this happen.

The roadster will deliver a similar exterior as S2000. Even the OSM stands as one of the main design influences. The S3000 will try to establish a more recognizable style with fresh shapes and different proportions. On top of that, the body will be lighter, which allows the car to go a bit faster.

More speed – that’s the essence of the two-seat roadsters, right? The maximum output will be 280 horsepower. But, the engineers will try to extract more power from the engine. So, we can expect that the S3000 drivetrain will produce around 300 hp.


2021 Honda S3000 Exterior Design

The exterior design of the upcoming 2021 Honda S3000 is still a bit of mystery. The company keeps hidden almost every information about the styling of the new model. But, we managed to get some closer detail about the prototype. So, besides the innovative features, the S3000 will borrow a couple of things from S2000 as well.

Also, the roadster will look up to Honda OSM for exterior styling references. The dimensions and proportions of the vehicle will go through a minor alteration, followed by sharp sporty lines. As a result, a more unique and visually appealing silhouette is established.

Moreover, the long hood looks very similar to the Audi R8, and the profile is practically the same as on the ongoing S2000. The Japanese automaker will try different combinations of materials to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. Therefore, expect the lightweight body and with that, even better performances.

The available color options are still unknown, but the base red, white and black are in the palette for sure. The final concept will be presented very soon. Hopefully, it will live up to expectations.


The roadsters always come with the most interesting technology packages and interior full of gadgets and whatnot. The 2021 Honda S300 is no exception. The overall length of the car will grow, which means a longer wheelbase and a spacious cabin. The interior design delivers excellent amount of high-quality materials and nicely arranged features.

This car is a two-seater and both the driver and the shotgun passenger will enjoy in the provided comfort. The seats are covered in genuine leather, with power-adjustments and contrast-stitching. Furthermore, the central part of the dashboard occupies a 7-inch touchscreen, with very intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface.

The network connectivity and navigation are available and they will run through this display. In addition, the LED inner lightning will bring calm into the cabin an make it even more comfortable. The steering wheel includes mounted controls and USB ports and comes leather-wrapped as well.

Of course, Honda is famous for its safety features and suites. You’ll find two airbags on both sides of front seats, speeding control, blind-spot monitoring, stronger braking, and much more.


2021 Honda S3000 Specs

There’s a lot of rumors relating to the 2021 Honda S3000 engine room. It’s still unclear what type of unit will power the forthcoming roadster. The company will probably go with the 3.0-liter V6 or 3.5-liter mill. With this type of engine, we can expect around 280 hp, or maybe even close to 300 hp.

The lighter platform will provide better performance as well, so the acceleration should be around 5 seconds. Also, the company is developing a hybrid version as well. The hybrid will be a part of the new generation of Honda vehicles. Almost every major carmaker shifting its focus to the more green cars.

One of the main goals of the Japanese automaker is to gain fresh customers for the US market. Well, fuel reduction and environment-friendly powertrain is the right way to grab new clients.

Release Date and Price

The price of 2021 Honda S3000 is still unknown. The engineering department will try to ensure a reliable and high-performance prototype with a hybrid option. The technology updates are also one of the aspects that the company’s experts we carefully go through. So, the price will depend on all of these production elements.

Some reports say that the base price may start at $35,000. However, the additional equipment and different types of drivetrain may raise the price over $38,000. At the moment, there’s no official release date.

We expect that the S3000 will make a debut in Japan, sometime before the fall of 2020. The perfect stage for that will be one of the major auto shows on the island.

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