2021 Honda Prelude – Is It Coming And What To Expect?

The Japanese carmaker will test the competition with the release of the forthcoming 2021 Honda Prelude. The latest reports from the company showed new, attractive design language and elegant style. The Prelude was one of Honda’s best-selling models, especially in Europe and in the USA. We all remember the iconic two-door coupe with a unique sporty line and fabulous interior. However, the production stopped in 2001.

Now, after a severe hiatus, brand-new Prelude is ready to shine one more time. However, the competition is prepared as well. The main rival of the upcoming 2021 Prelude will be the BRZ and Toyota 86. Honda announced that besides the visual refreshments, the infotainment would get serious updates, to stay competitive on the market. Also, we expect to see the latest technology features in the cabin, as well as new trim levels.


2021 Honda Prelude – New Design

At the moment, the release date of 2021 Honda Prelude is still unknown. Well, the automotive market needs such a vehicle, and the Japanese company will try to meet the user’s demands. Honda announced that the new couple would come with severe exterior refreshments and improvements.

The engineering department will try to come up with something unique that will be both useful and appealing. According to our sources, the redesigned Prelude will share some exterior features with the popular Accord.

Moreover, Honda will include a new architecture that will support this sporty-oriented vehicle. On top of that, the cabin will be moved towards back a bit, and the front headlights will have a more angular design. But, the official info about the final design is still unavailable.


Engine Rumors

Honda is one of the most successful and top-selling automotive companies. Therefore, we are used to expecting only the most excellent engines from Honda’s engineering department. The mill will be the most attractive part of the upcoming 2021 Honda Prelude. The new unit will be based on a previous mid-mounted mill. But, it will include several changes and alterations to provide more power and better performances.

The placement of the new drivetrain will be behind the front axle, which will improve the weight distribution. Although there are few possible engineering solutions for the new coupe, the most logical choice is a 1.5-liter turbo-four unit with 200 hp. The second option is a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which produces around 300 hp.

Each of these engines will be connected to a 6-speed manual transmission, and it will have FWD as a standard setup. The front-wheel-drive configuration will extend the life of the unit, and make some space for the engineers to develop upgrades for the upcoming generations.

2021 Honda Prelude Release Date and Price

The official release date for the 2021 Honda Prelude is still unknown. Still, the automotive experts assume that the coupe will be ready before the 2020 Tokyo Car Show. The brand-new model should include two innovative platforms, one of which will be for the US market only.

The starting price for the base model should be around $33,500. Of course, adding the higher trims will raise this price, as well as the additional equipment and packages.

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  1. Great idea to bring back the Prelude and the S3000 in 2021. I currently own a 2006 S2000 from new and still greatly love mine. I have nearly 250 k miles on it and it still run great-engine, transmission, brakes. These new designs seem a worthy successor to the S2000 and right there with the NSX. Very nice. I hope they come very soon.

  2. I had 3 Preludes in the past. They were excellent and reliable cars. Pls let me know when you know the definite release date.


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