2021 Honda Accord Changes, Configurations and Release Date

The freshly redesigned 2021 Honda Accord comes with improved performances, modern design, and generally a lot of improvements. But, these improvements are all well-executed, and it will be no issues with technology or any tech bugs that will annoy the customers. The brand-new 2021 Accord will increase the sale revenue to extend the promotion and marketing campaign of the upcoming generation.

The redesigned model will set the bar pretty high for the rest of the competition, with its modern look and clean engine room. The improved powertrain works better than the current unit, and it is more fuel-efficient. Also, the additional trim levels will probably include even more engine options and boost the production even further.


2021 Honda Accord – What’s New?

The exterior design of the forthcoming 2021 Honda Accord brings some unique features and a more distinctive appearance than the previous version. The vehicle’s body went through severe cosmetic updates, and the overall dimensions are larger, as well. Moreover, the exterior adds-on, in combination with new LED technology, will provide a more appealing look and styling. Also, 2021 Accord will use carbon fiber, which will add a more striking look to the vehicle.

Furthermore, since the company decided to go with the smaller vehicles, the 10th generation of this mid-size car will be significantly lighter. Still, the overall passenger crush safety will remain at the highest level. Honda is planning to use carbon-composite platforms for upcoming vehicles as much as possible. The Japanese carmaker always comes with innovative technology, and with these types of cars, there’s a wide range of possibilities.

As for the cabin, you’ll find plenty of space and comfort, which makes this 2021 Accord a perfect car for long family journeys. The seats are covered with leather materials, and the whole interior offers carbon protective layers. Furthermore, the rearview camera is relocated to a better position, and the infotainment system is upgraded with LCS display and navigation.



The forthcoming 2021 Honda Accord will offer seven standard trim levels: LX, Sport, EX, and EX-L, Sport 2.0T, and Touring 2.0T. Of course, each of these trims will add some unique packages and additional equipment. Honda Sensing safety suite will be available on every level, alongside the new LED technology and navigation system.

The 2021 version of the popular sedan will keep the current platform. However, the mechanical aspects and construction will be upgraded. Also, expect to see a new suspension system, designed to provide a smoother ride.


Engine Specs

2021 Honda Accord comes with two powertrain options. The first one is a 1.5-liter mill that produces 195 lb-ft of torque. The second and addition engine for the Sport, EX, and Touring version is a 2-0-liter unit with a total output of 256 hp.

All models are linked to a CVT automatic transmission, except the Sport trim, which will use a 6-speed gearbox. Also, both engines will use a higher dose of fuel reduction, and it will provide better-towing capacity.

2021 Honda Accord Release Date and Price

2021 Honda Accord will have an MSRP starting at $26,500 for the base model. However, with the additional option and higher levels, the price might go over $35,000.

The official release date is still unknown. But, some rumors suggest that the new version of the popular sedan will be ready before the Fall of 2020. The Tokyo Auto Show is probably the perfect event for the debut.

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  1. CD player? Non negotiable option. I want to hear what I want to play, not a subscription service. Only 1connected (i.e. not just a charging port) USB? Unacceptable. I own an ’18 and the loss of personal entertainment is not worth putting up with.

  2. I hope Honda doesn’t put those low profile tires on the 2021 accord ,I hope they realize they ruin the ride of the car,

  3. I own a 2019 Accord 1.5T, I agree that infotainment system is a weekspot, and I really miss picking out an aftermarket head unit for my music and movies, sure wish there were more aftermarket options to replace infotainment panel in all these cars. I see the industry is changing in this direction and wish pioneer, sony and other companies would catch up with more options for all these so ecquipped vehicles, Mercedes, Honda, and others.

  4. I always question why there is not a usb port on the window dashboard. If I put my phone in a cradle and its mounted to the front window a small cable to the dash would make sense instead of running a cord down passed all the buttons and screens thus leaving that port open for other items.

  5. Will they include a spare tire in the Hybrid ? The excuse for not having one (fuel economy) seems ridiculous when the Camry Hybrid has one and gets better mileage.


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