2020 Honda S2000 – The Return

The Honda S2000 was introduced for the first time back in 1995, at the Tokyo Motor Show. The first model was launched in 1999, to mark the 50th anniversary of the famous Japanese automaker. Now, the 2-door roadster is ready to make a comeback. According to the rumors from the company, the new 2020 Honda S2000 will return on the streets next year.

The new model will bring redesigned fascia and even more engaging visual appearance. Of course, the interior design will follow the same path. Under the hood, you’ll find a 2.0-liter gasoline engine. After all, the name S2000 refers to an engine displacement of two-liter. But, in the near future, the hybrid powertrain will be available as well.


2020 Honda S2000 Exterior

There are certain rumors that the upcoming 2020 Honda S2000 will maintain its previous shape and form. So, expect another small roadster in Honda’s squad. The exterior gains a more dynamic design language with remodeled headlights. The grille will be more distinctive and surely one of the main highlights of the front side.

Furthermore, lines of the fascia flow naturally and form a quite stunning silhouette. The new model will show some design cues very similar to Acura’s roadster. There are some speculations that the new model will get a removable Targa top as well. The suspension will be practically the same as on Civic Type R.

Also, the company is planning to include a coupe version of S2000. But, that depends on the results the regular model will achieve, once when it makes a debut on the market.



The interior of the 2020 Honda S2000 will be more driver-oriented than before. Of course, a vehicle like this deserves an equally elegant and visually pleasing cabin. So, expect good amount of high-quality materials and the latest technology upgrades. The seats will be covered with leather, as well as the steering wheel.

Moreover, the driver’s seat and the seat of the shotgun passenger will include the power-adjustment feature. In addition, both seats include heat settings. The dashboard is redesigned, in the center, you’ll find a touchscreen with an excellent user interface. Controls around the board are nicely arranged, and easy to find.

A very helpful feature is a light-blue backlight that gives the whole cabin really enjoyable atmosphere. Although the designers meant to keep this cabin very simple and effective, some things you just can’t leave out. Certainly, those things are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Both will be available with new S2000. Also, for the sound-lovers a 6-speaker audio system is available.


2020 Honda S2000 Engine

2020 Honda S200will be powered by a 2.0-liter gasoline engine. That’s right, the very same as in Civic Type R. Also, the Japanese carmaker will include a hybrid powertrain version in one of the future releases. The 2.0-liter gasoline unit will produce 305 hp.

We assume that Honda will add a pair of electric motors as well, to gain more power. The estimated 0-60 mph acceleration of upcoming 2020 Honda S2000 is under five seconds.

Release Date and Price

At the moment, there’s still no precise release sate scheduled for 2020 Honda S2000. The company plans to launch numerous vehicles by the end of the year, or in the first few months of 2020. So, we assume that the main focus will be on best-selling models, like CR-V.

After that, these kinds of special not-for-every-day models will make a debut. With this in mind, we expect to see new Honda S2000 probably in the early summer of 2020. As for the price, this roadster will start somewhere around $60,000-$70,000.

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