2020 Honda Accord Type R Engine, Styling

The 2020 Honda Accord Type R is set to make a noticeable mark on the US market. The brand-new Type R offers a more specific styling, with aggressive fascia and bold overall appearance. Of course, some of the well-known design elements are included, like the huge grille, and the traditional badge with a red Honda logo.

Moreover, the cabin comes fully equipped, with a good amount of high-quality materials, and unique features. Expect to see a lot of red stitching all over the interior, as well as red color in general. The Japanese carmaker will improve the 2.0-liter engine from Civic Type R, to ensure even more power for the upcoming Accord.


2020 Honda Accord Type R Exterior

Back in 2018, 10-the generation Accord introduces a new design will all of the previous issues improved and fixed. Now, we assume that the 2020 Honda Accord Type R will follow a similar path. The new model comes with sportier design, in comparison to the standard version. Of course, the massive grille is one of the trademarks of this model.

Moreover, the traditional badge and the red Honda logo are there as well. Underneath you’ll find small corner vents, similar to the ones of the Civic Type R. Furthermore, the new Type R is based on the top-line model of the current lineup.

So, expect the same body-colored mirrors, and a moonroof with typical Civic hood vents. On top of that, the front fenders get gloss black vents and the body will have a red pinstripe, to match the red striping on the wheels.


The interior of the upcoming 2020 Honda Accord Type R comes fully loaded with all equipment you can think of. Also, the cabin includes new sports seats with ample bolster support and a five-point harness. Furthermore, an aluminum shift knob and short-throw shifter are available as well. The front seats will be made of suede, while the other fabric will get red stitching all over.

The dashboard includes red pinstriping, and the steering wheel will have red accents between the spokes. Moreover, expect a good amount of carbon fiber, to match with suede trim inserts and red seatbelts. As for the infotainment, the Type R offers the six-inch head-up display and a 4G-LTE internet connection with hotspot, and OTA software updates.

The audio department consists of a 450-watt, 10-speaker system with dual 2.5 amp USB ports. The cabin dimensions will probably stay the same. That means the usual 16.7 cubic-feet of cargo space and 105.6 cubic feet of passenger volume. That is more than enough to accommodate five adult passengers.



At the moment, the 10th-generation Accord is using a 1.5-liter engine that can produce 192 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. However, the upper trims work with a 2.0-liter unit, which develops 252 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. That’s right, that’s the same mill used in the Civic Type R. But, that power just isn’t good enough for the vehicle with the Type R badge.

Now, the company must upgrade that engine, to produce more than 306 hp and 295 lb-ft. In whatever way, Honda may also use the forthcoming Accord hybrid as a base for the Type R variant. In that case, the output will be more like 350 hp. Still, one thing is sure. The 2020 Honda Accord Type R comes with the short-throw six-speed transmission.

The Honda may include the AWD powertrain option as well since the Civic Type R is limited only to FWD. The experts presume that the maximum speed will be around 165 mph and the 0-60 mph acceleration around 5.5 seconds.


2020 Honda Accord Type R Release Date and Price

The Type R badge won’t come cheap. In fact, the company must invest a lot of money to even built and put in production this kind of vehicle. So, taking into account the price of the 10th-generation model, we assume that the 2020 Honda Accord Type R will cost around $44,000 – $47,000.

One of the main competitors of the new model will be Ford Fusion Sport. The release date is still unknown, but the Type R will probably be ready in the first few months of 2020.

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