Honda S2000 20th Anniversary Prototype

Honda’s accessories department announced the lineup for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, which will be held from January 10-12. By the look of the lineup, the Japanese-cars-enthusiasts will be thrilled. The reason for that is including the legendary vehicle that holds a special place in the company’s history – Honda S2000. Honda celebrates 20 years since the releasing of the famous roadster, so expect to see the Anniversary Prototype with some unique custom parts.

Moreover, the Japanese carmaker listens to the feedback for the fans on this matter, and the design will reflect a good number of customer’s wishes. For example, you’ll see a brand-new front bumper, with a more prominent grille, smoked headlights, and a black windshield frame, mirror, and alloy wheels as well.

It’s been ten years already since the last S2000 come out from the assembly plant. So, Honda is doing an excellent job for the fans with the comeback of one of the most popular models. Also, on the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, we’ll have a chance to see the first-generation of Civic Type R (GF-EK9).


Honda S2000 20th Anniversary Prototype Design

Recently, we had a chance to see a couple of released photos of the forthcoming Honda S2000 20th Anniversary Prototype. The first thing you’ll notice is a pair of red bucket seats in the cabin. But, the new model will bring more than just cosmetic updates. You’ll find a refined suspension and a brand-new lid for the audio system as well.

Also, the cabin of S2000 will be more driver-oriented than in the previous version. Naturally, the outstanding vehicle like this deserver the well-designed interior. Therefore, Honda will add a high-level of quality materials and the latest tech updates. Apart from the bucket seats, the steering wheel will be leather-upholstered also. But, Honda doesn’t say anything about the performance updates.

We must wait until January to find out more about this segment of the S2000 20th Anniversary Prototype. As for the exterior design, the reports show that the upcoming roadster will keep the majority of the previous shape and form. In other words, we’ll see yet another small roadster in the company’s fleet. However, the exterior design is more dynamic this time, with remodeled headlights.

Also, the grille is more prominent and it will be the main focal point of the whole front side of the vehicle. Moreover, the lines of fascia flow consistently and for a striking silhouette. Furthermore, Honda will include a coupe version of S2000 and probably the Targa removable top as well.


Civic Type R (GF-EK9)-Based Model Debut on 2020 Tokyo Auto Show

Besides the Honda S2000 20th Anniversary Prototype, one more vehicle will be presented on the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon. It’s the 2020 Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser, model which is based on the first-gen Civic type R (GF-EK9). This custom project shows a modern approach to the original, to draw attention to young customers.

While the Civic Type R keeps the familiar hatchback design language it also gains a more rugged body kit, with an aggressive front bumper, modern headlights that includes “eyelids”, and oversized aero-style wheels.

Also, this Civic includes a sizable roof spoiler at the rear. Furthermore, besides the two mentioned Honda models, the Tokyo Auto Show will present the concept, based on the Step WGN minivan, called Kachatto-Wagon.

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