Honda CRX Might Be Revived in the Future

Recently, fans of the Honda CRX make some renderings and we will be glad to analyze them. If you didn’t know, the CRX has been Honda’s most wanted, smallest, and compact car. This model back in its time in 1983 was one of the eye-catching cars among the younger ones.

According to many gossips over the internet and forums, this model can make its comeback soon. In fact, the manufacturer didn’t give any hint of reviving this car. So, returning this compact car until now is almost zero chances, but who knows. Some of the rendering photos are available and we can only say that fans did a really great job.

Honda CRX rear

Honda CRX Renderings

At first glance, the rendering Honda CRX looks better than ever. Thanks to many fans, we can see how they are imaging this car nowaday. The introduction of a modern version of a classic car usually means that the predecessor was legendary in its time. Although the CRX cannot be proud of its design or performance, this little one compact car was considered as the best choice for teenagers.

This model was been unique on the market thanks to its small size, aerodynamic lines, and of course high Honda quality. Moreover, the compact car that is rendered has the same lines and it appears to be more aggressive than the original. Besides, we can see a massive bumper diffuser and the central exhaust system also similar to the CR-Z. Basically, the most interesting part that is circulating is that this model will be bringing back as a successor to the CR-Z model.

Cabin Features

At this moment, there is no rendering image of the CRX cabin. However, according to some gossips, if this model makes a comeback, it will definitively borrow many cues from the CR-Z. In fact, this model was being discontinued in the 2016 year and every comparison with other models will not be appropriate. Many rumors indicate that the CRX will be built on the same platform as the CR-Z.

Besides, if that happens, we can expect modern construction methods that are used in many nowadays sports cars. The cabin will be definitively sporty, stylish, and comfortable.

Honda CRX Powertrain Specs

There is no information regarding the engine of the Honda CRX. If you remember, the second-gen Honda CRX has been powered by a 1.4-liter straight-4 D14A and weak versions of D15B. Interestingly, the European market back in that time have the most dynamic CRX. This model uses a 1.6-liter powertrain that delivers 150 horses.

However, the third generation, known as Del Sol, was been introduced in late 1992. This model has been the most powerful engine back in that time. Honda Del Sol is the successor of CRX and it uses better mechanics. Basically, this version has been powered by a 1.6-liter VTEC drivetrain, which delivers 160 horsepowers. Obviously, if Honda CRX happens, it will be powered by the stronger and more economical powertrain.

Honda CRX powertrain

Honda CRX Release Date and Price

The reborn of the legendary Honda CRX might happen in the future. If that happens, this model will bring back many memories of some better times. Generally, pricing cannot be determined because many pieces of information are still missing.

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