2024 Acura ADX Will Probably Ride on a New Ultium Platform

The 2024 Acura ADX is an all-electric vehicle, which is expected to share many design cues with the ZDX model. To reduce costs and speed up the process, Acura and Honda worked with General Motors to develop electric cars (EVs) based on the current Ultium platform and battery technology. In case you didn’t know, the Ultium platform can support a wide range of engine options. We predict Acura will choose the twin-or triple-motor setup over the front-wheel-drive long-range alternative. This is because Acura cars often have sportier handling than Honda cars.

Although not much is known about the ADX, we do know that Acura has already submitted an application to trademark its name.

2024 Acura ADX Design

Because Acura has a working relationship with GM, the Acura ADX does not have to be constructed from scratch. If all goes according to plan, this model will hit the market in 2023. This is around one year behind its primary competitors, which helps to keep the Acura brand current and in contact with the customer. From what I’ve heard so far, the next model will probably have a similar look to the ZDX model. This means we can expect a very futuristic design with attractive headlights, a closed grille, and a sporty back end.

What Should We Expect Inside?

The only thing known about the new car is that Acura has already filed for a trademark for the name “ADX.” We think the new model will be a two-row, mid-size SUV with enough space for everyone.

We think it will be about the same size as the MDX, which is Acura’s best-selling crossover. That will also put it up against prospective EV crossovers like the Polestar 4 and the next-generation EV-only Porsche Macan. You shouldn’t expect to find low-quality parts inside the ADX, since Acura is known for making modern cabins. To keep up with the competition, the company will probably add the latest entertainment system and other features.

2024 Acura ADX interior

2024 Acura ADX Motor Specifications

We don’t know anything yet about the motor specs of the 2024 Acura MDX. As far as we know, the forthcoming model will use an Ultium platform that can support a wide range of engine options. According to our sources, the Acura will have a front-wheel-drive long-range option and a twin-or triple-motor configuration.

Unfortunately, we don’t know at the moment how much horsepower will be delivered, but expect at least 300+ horses. The Ultium batteries are huge, so the ADX should provide around 250 miles on a single charge.

2024 Acura ADX platform

2024 Acura ADX Price and Release Date

It will be really challenging to get the price correct. Even though the price of battery packs is going down all the time, electric cars still cost more than cars with internal combustion engines. Acura is probably going to aim for the lower end of the price range, which is between $45,000 and $50,000.

Generally speaking, this price is in the normal ballpark for this market category. In the coming months, we anticipate receiving further details on the 2024 Acura ADX. In the meantime, be sure to stay with us.

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