2021 Honda N-Box Revealed With Refreshed Styling

One of the smallest city cars in Japan, the 2021 Honda N-Box, has been revealed last week. Three years after the current generation’s premiere, Honda announced that the newly redesigned version is ready to debut next month. According to them, the new N-Box will be exclusively made for the Japanese market. As we can see from the first available photos, the upcoming N-Box will keep the same proportions and shape. Of course, some small refreshments are available, including a trimmed exterior (mask, lights, bumpers) and a more modernized interior.

Like the outgoing model, the new one will be powered by the same small 660 cubic meters three-cylinder petrol engine that can produce 64 horses. This engine is paired with a new CVT transmission, and buyers have options to choose between front or all-wheel-drive versions.

2021 Honda N-Box side by side

2021 Honda N-Box Exterior

The exterior design of the 2021 Honda N-Box will be slightly refreshed and more modern. As one of Japan’s best city cars, the N-Box will get an exterior with a more stylish mask on the front. We can also see from the manufacturer’s revealed photos, better-shaped headlights and more substantial bumpers.

Basically, this is the most visual changes. On the back, Honda N-Box features minor updates. It comes with visually better taillights featuring more chrome on the trunk opening. Also, the palette of colors will be richer, and buyers can choose a variant with optional two-tone combinations.

2021 Honda N-Box cabin

Interior Improvements

Inside, the new 2021 Honda N-Box will include many improvements. This model will come with a modernized cabin. According to the latest news, there will also be an N-Box custom version, that will bring a more upscale cabin.

Stepping into the new N-Box, you’ll first notice a large touchscreen placed on the top of the center. Also, better materials are all around, and like the previous model, the same layout is present. That means this small city car is still able to place all the passengers comfortably.

2021 Honda N-Box Engine Specs

As mentioned, the upcoming 2021 Honda N-Box is a small city car that will be available with the same engine as the predecessor. That means it will be available by the same 660 cubic meters three-cylinder petrol engine.

According to Honda, this engine can produce a little less than 70 horses. However, on top of that, it uses a new CVT transmission. Obviously, you will think that this is a very bad option, but this engine is enough for everyday city use, considering N-Box’s small proportions. This model, alongside engine and transmission, is also available optionally with the all-wheel-drive system.

2021 Honda N-Box rear

Release Date and Cost

Japanese company revealed a few days ago a refreshed version of the 2021 Honda N-Box model. This car is an ideal option for city cruising. Generally, thanks to its small dimensions, it’s easy to park and maneuver.

According to Honda, this model will be exclusive to the Japanese market next month, with a starting price of around $16,600, for the FWD model. The all-wheel-drive version is available as well, and it starts at $17,800.

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