2021 Honda Element Release Date, Interior, and Engines

The brand-new 2021 Honda Element is ready for the production. The redesigned version of the compact crossover SUV will arrive in the second half of 2020. Once again, the Element carries famous boxy design, but with a lot of improvements and tweaks. Also, let’s not forget that the Element is a highly rated vehicle in the crossover SUV class.

Therefore, we can expect only unusual things from this handsome little fellow. The upcoming model will get redesigned cabin, safety updates, as well as a couple of exterior details to make this SUV even more appealing. The Japanese company will use the same engines as in the previous version. The available powertrains are 2.4-liter with roughly 200 hp, and the additional 1.5-liter turbo.

2021-Honda-Element-Exterior Design

Exterior Design

2021 Honda Element will go through some exterior updates before it makes a debut and comes to the customers. But, the recognizable design language will mostly stay the same. Honda will go with the famous boxy design once more, but, according to the recent reports, it will add sharper lines.

That will tighten-up a bit the overall silhouette of the crossover and establish a bit rougher appearance. Furthermore, the front part of the 2021 Element gets an attractive grille and a brand-new LED headlight system.

Moreover, the back of the vehicle shows refined taillights and sharper lines, as well. On top of that, vehicles relatively small dimensions provide easy maneuver and park. Same on the previous version, tailgating, and wide-opening cargo doors will make loading almost effortless.

2021 Honda Element Interior

2021 Honda Element offers a more elegant and sophisticated interior with significant improvements. One of those improvements is a brand-new dog-friendly package. Moreover, the crossover will add more high-quality materials and updated tech. The Element comes with generous space, considering its dimensions.

The configuration will stay the same – two- rows/5-passengers. Also, the cabin of the forthcoming model will provide excellent visibility, almost as good as on the CR-V. The standard equipment for the base model includes cruise control, and lanes assist system, automatic climate, AM/FM/CD with 4-speaker, and much more.

Of course, if you choose the higher EX, which costs around $2,000 higher, you’ll get a powerful 270 watts sound system, XM radio, and digital dashboard. Also, we mentioned a dog-friendly package, that includes a soft-sided crate with a built-in, spill-resistant water bowl, and a portable ramp.


Engine Specs

As we mentioned earlier in this review, under the hood of 2021 Honda Element will be two powertrain options. The first one is a 2.4-liter unit that produces around 200 hp. The second drivetrain option is a 1.5-liter turbo engine. This mill makes more power, and the total output will probably be around 210 hp.

Also, the 1.5-liter engine adds a start/stop system that will improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. Still, at the moment, the fuel-economy ratings are unknown. We expect that the company will soon announce more detail regarding this topic. The current model with the same setup returns 24 mpg combined.


2021 Honda Element Release Date and Price

The release date of 2021 Honda Element is set for the second half of 2020. However, the precise time is still unknown. The crossover will offer the right amount of unique features and updates.

So, expect that the starting price will be in the range between $20,000 and $25,000 for the base model. Still, with more additional equipment and packages, the higher trims will go over $30,000.

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  1. The factory mounting locations for roof rack towers are set at 30″ on my 2009 Element. This does not provide enough stability for hauling 18′ to 21′ long surf skis (racing kayaks) or even 18′ long regular sea kayaks. I would hope that the new Element has the mounting points at least 48″ to 54″ apart to provide proper distribution of loads and needed stability. I had to (like many other kayakers) install Track to mount roof rack towers for the cross bars at the rear of the roof and I chose 54″ back from the front bar factory location. I love the fact that the new Elements will seat 5! I will buy a new 2.4 liter AWD with 5 or 6 speed MANUAL transmission. I love my Element!!!

    • Agree, the roof mounts are too close together, I did build my own custom rack to utilize the mounting points but give wider point for the bar going across. I do take it off when not using it and snap the covers back over the mounting holes.

    • PS to my reply, I would love the 6 speed standard. Having another highway gear. It really doesn’t need any low end gearing. And the over drive gear would probably only be good for going over 80 MPH,

  2. Is this for real????? So Excited if so! Mine is dying; I am truly in grief over this. Please oh please let this be real!! I’m ready to buy today!!

  3. Can the back seats still be removable? Soft sided crate is a complete waste. No protection for the dog in case of a crash. Also, my dog tore one up in record time while we waited for our sheep herding lesson!

  4. What I desperately need asap is a set of sun visors (gray) for my 2007 Element. The ones I see on ebay are expensive yet filthy. Ugh. Anyone have a source for me – other than an expensive dealership?

  5. Love my Element but now being a crime victim of a stolen catalytic converter how are they addressing this issue? Hope they come up with a standard design to keep thieves away!!


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