2020 Honda S1000 Redesign, Engine

The famous Japanese carmaker will take the opportunity and become the leader of the mini-car market. The company is preparing a brand-new vehicle in the Kei-car category. The release of two-seat 2020 Honda S1000 is certainly the right thing to do. This roadster will deliver slightly redesigned exterior, with a couple of elements borrowed from luxury NSX, and wider body than the S660.

Also, under the hood will be 1.0-liter turbo petrol unit. This powertrain will provide more power than the 660 cc S07A Turbo I3-T engine, and it will be more efficient as well. The price of the upcoming model will be around $21,000, and it will make a debut in the first quartal of 2020.


2020 Honda S1000 Redesign

The exterior design of the new 2020 Honda S1000 will be very similar to the S660 model. So, we can expect a mild-refreshment with a couple of altered design elements. The vehicle will include more light materials and the overall weight should not go above 1900 pounds. This mini-car includes basically the same blueprint as the concept shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year. But, a couple of changes can be noticed.

So, except the subtle lines and curves will define the more aggressive look and give the vehicle a recognizable appearance. The company will continue the same concept that was used in the previous version. The dimensions of the upcoming sports model will be slightly modified, with wider and body and bigger wheels. Also, the unique, “snorkel-type” roof air-intake, for cooling down the engine is one of the things that will distinguish this model from the S660.

The S1000 comes with an athletic look, remodeled headlights, and new wheels. Also, the grille will be more prominent, with chrome accents. The fans of the convertible vehicles will be very delighted to know that S1000 will include removable rooftop. Moreover, the new model will improve handling and even better ride quality.



The interior of upcoming 2020 Honda S1000 comes nicely equipped, with good amount of soft-touch materials and technological updates. The dashboard is brand-new, with a beautiful silver accent. Definitely one of the cabin highlights will be ergonomically padded surfaces for knees and elbows, that will provide additional comfort and stability.

Furthermore, the drivers will enjoy leather-covered/heated and ventilated seats with hidden stitching for an unencumbered grip. Although the new S1000 is a two-seat sports car, the legroom space is pretty generous. However, the elbow area is a little bit narrow. The steering wheels will be leather-covered as well.

Some of the design elements are very similar to the NSX model. Moreover, the S1000 model will provide incredible acoustics inside the cabin, intuitive user-interface, and unobstructed view.

2020 Honda S1000 Colors

2020 Honda S1000 offers very opulent color palette. The customers will choose between seven outstanding colors, that will make this two-seat sports car even more elegant and recognizable. The standard color package includes Aegean Blue Metallic, Crimson Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic.

Furthermore, you can opt for additional package and get Cosmic Blue Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, and White Orchid Pearl. The interior offers only Black color, but you can choose between silver/orange accents.



The forthcoming 2020 Honda S1000 will surely offer more power than the S660 model. Both of these vehicles are part of special class, so the 660cc unit has its displacement limited by the figure of law. Japan’s 63 hp Kei-car restriction is established as a way to minimize both Co2 emission and performance. The S660 is actually a successor of the Honda Beat mini-car, launched back in 1991.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that these two modes bluster a mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout. Under the hood of the Japanese version of S660 is a 3-cylindrical 660c unit, to meet the country’s Kei standards. The 660cc maximum output is 64 horsepower. So, expect that the company includes an efficient and more powerful engine.

Of course, it will be the 1.0-liter turbocharged petrol unit. Taking into account the overall weight of the new model, we assume that the maximum speed of S1000 will be around 135 mph. The standard transmission is a 6-speed manual.

Release Date and Price

The company is preparing a new light-weight sports model. Japan’s mini-car market accounts for more than 40% of all cars sold in that country. So, Honda must come up with a quality vehicle, to stay competitive in this class. The new S1000 can be that model which will provide excellent sale figures for the company.

However, the MSRP of 2020 Honda S1000 is still unknown. But, with the prices of similar vehicles in mind, we assume that the new model will cost around $21,000. The famous carmaker is planning to distribute this model across several very different markets. So, expect that the price will be altered accordingly.

Also, the precise release date is not yet confirmed. Still, Honda will probably present new S1000 on the home ground. The perfect stage for the debut is the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon.

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