2020 Honda Prelude Release Date, Rumors

The brand-new 2020 Honda Prelude will come in the form of a two-door sports coupe. This model was in production from 1978 until 2001. During that time, the Prelude becomes a very popular vehicle, with good sale numbers on different markets. But, after five generations, the company decided to shut down the production.

Since then, the Japanese carmaker wasn’t very interested in making a revival. Now, almost two decades later, something is finally happening. The latest rumors from the industry say that the Prelude will return in 2020. Still, we wait for more specific and official news. Until then, we will try to gather as much as we can about the forthcoming model.

At the moment, we know a couple of things for sure. New Prelude will come with a redesigned, longer fascia, and more appealing exterior design. Also, the cabin will take some of the elements from the four-door Accord. The front-wheel-drive will be standard setup, while the all-wheel-drive comes as optional.


2020 Honda Prelude Concept

While the rumors are suggesting that the upcoming coupe may be more Accord-like, 2020 Honda Prelude will probably get a completely different design. The new model delivers a perfectly balanced mixture of several Honda vehicles. But, the company had some issues, when it comes to producing a vehicle with a sporty appearance. So, it will be quite interesting to see the final version of the new Prelude.

According to the reports, the company will use a brand-new architecture for this release. Of course, we can expect slim and narrow headlight upfront, with angular design and form. Also, the hood is slightly longer than before. The new model sits lower than the previous version, and the cabin is moved back a bit.

This way, Prelude gets a more unique design and something that is not so characteristic of this particular class. However, precise exterior details are still hidden from the automotive audience. Nevertheless, we expect to see a bit different design language and features like alloy wheels and chrome accents


The interior of 2020 Honda Prelude will share many things in common with the popular Accord sedan. The dashboard, for example, will be exactly the same. Also, most of the technology features and gadgets will be shared between these two vehicles. Still, the forthcoming couple could provide more high-quality materials and a different seating layout. New Prelude will have four individual seats and a center console between them.

The seats include 8-way power adjustment settings, and the front seats add heated/ventilated features. The infotainment system is controlled through a 7-inch touchscreen, and it comes as a part of standard equipment. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Moreover, for the 2020 version, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available as standard for all trims.

Additional equipment includes beautiful leather upholstery, tri-zone climate control, and a premium sound system. The cargo area is very generous, the brand-new Honda’s couple offers 13.4 cubic feet of space. Headroom and legroom offer a decent amount of space as well. The interior of Prelude is very elegant and comfortable, with good amount of equipment and hi-tech features.



The forthcoming 2020 Honda Prelude offers a rich color palette, with five exterior colors that perfectly match with a new design language of the vehicle. For the exterior, you can choose between Crystal Blue Metal, Satin Silver Metallic, and Milano Reddish as standard options.

Furthermore, Prelude comes with two more exclusive paint options, as we go further up with trim levels. If you go for additional color options you’ll get Nighthawk Black Pearl and Superior Black White. As for the interior, the only color option is Black.


There’s a reason behind that slightly longer hood. According to our sources, 2020 Honda Prelude will have a front mid-mounted engine. That kind of special configuration is installed behind the front axle. This is often the case because the setup provides weight distribution. The entry-level comes with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder powertrain that can produce 200 hp.

Furthermore, there will be one more drivetrain option. It’s a 2.0-liter turbo engine. This unit is capable of deploying up to 300 hp. Both units come with a 6-speed automatic, and the FWD as a standard option. The all-wheel-drive configuration is available as part of additional equipment.


2020 Honda Prelude Release Date and Price

The Prelude was a two-door sport compact vehicle, produced by the famous Japanese company from 1978 until 2001. During that time, this model spanned through five generations and numerous changes. Now, it’s a time for the return. However, we don’t have precise information about the release date.

According to the reports from Honda’s HQ, we assume that the 2020 Honda Prelude will be ready soon. So, expect to see this vehicle on the streets by the fall of 2020. The price is also one of the mysteries that surround this model. Taking into account the price of similar vehicles from Honda’s roster, we assume that the starting price of prelude will be around $36,000.

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