2020 Honda Jazz/Fit – A Well-Designed Small Car

The Japanese company revealed more info about the European version of popular Jazz. Let’s not get confused, for the Nort American market 2020 Honda Jazz will carry a nameplate Fit. Now, let’s see what we can see from the company reports. Will the Jazz change design? Or perhaps include another engine option? The answers are in the paragraphs below.

According to the automaker, the new model will be one of the most practical small vehicles on the market. Honda will implement a modern design philosophy, based on a Japanese notion “Yo-no-bi,” which means “to find beauty in the usage of daily things.”

Therefore, the shape and the forms of 2020 Honda Jazz/Fit is very smooth and elegant. The previous versions had specific issues with the exterior design, but now the five-door hatchback looks gorgeous. The exterior design perfectly combines the silk language with the practical side of the vehicle and establishes gracious visual harmony.

To conclude this introduction paragraph wit a quote from the designer of 2020 Jazz, Mr. Baek Jongkuk: “I wanted to create a car which was a “kind companion” for the owner while maximizing its usability. I did this by minimizing unnecessary features and simplifying exterior lines to deliver a car that features a friendly, fresh appearance, complete with a comfortable and practical interior.”


2020 Honda Jazz/Fit Interior Design

As for the interior of the 2020 Honda Jazz/Fit, it follows the same design philosophy. The cabin applies minimalist lines in combination with very functional and stable materials. Also, all fabrics are water-repellent, and the dash is covered with soft material.

All in all, the interior as a whole sends a very inviting message to the passengers. Furthermore, in the dashboard, you’ll find a 7-inch digital instrument panel with no cowl, and with a 50% thinner A-pillars. As a result, the feeling of the spacious cabin is enhanced even more.

On top of that, the wide center console armrest sits in a perfect position, and it is height-aligned with the door armrest. Also, the front seats add a brand-new frame, which will provide better comfort and excellent lumbar support.

The passengers in the back will enjoy the same level of comfort as the folks in the front. However, they’ll have thicker bench seat padding for extra comfort. Besides, the rear seats can be folded flat or flip upright to accommodate more stuff inside.


Hybrid Engine

For the European market, 2020 Honda Jazz will bring a two-motor hybrid engine. The new model includes this hybrid combination as a standard for the first time. However, there are no specific details regarding this setup at the moment. Still, the company claims that the powertrain will deliver “an exceptional blend of strong and effortless driving performance and impressive fuel economy.”

Also, a newly-developed hybrid system will provide a smooth and responsive driving feel. The Japanese automaker also claims that the hatchback will have “EV-like” driving dynamics. Lastly, the customers will have the SUV-like Crosstar version as well. This variant will come with increased ride height, more aggressive exterior design, unique front grille, roof rails, etc.

Honda announces that 2020 Jazz will debut in Europe in the summer. Furthermore, this model will be the leader of Honda’s electrifying movement, as the company plans to include more EV’s for the European market.

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