2020 Honda Element Changes, MPG, Hybrid

There are certain rumors about the soon return of the Honda Element. Surely, the fans of this model are eager to see it in action again. So, let us tell you what we know so far about the upcoming 2020 Honda Element.

First, the exterior will get more squarish look than the previous model. The company’s designers must find a way to make this bulky shape more visually appealing and attractive to the customers. One thing that will probably disappoint the fans is less space in the cabin.

Also, the ground clearance will be reduced. But, the new Element will deliver elegant interior, practical center console, and significant improvements under the hood as well. Also, the hybrid version will probably come shortly after the regular Element.


2020 Honda Element Changes

The upcoming 2020 Honda Element returns to the US market after nearly ten years. That’s a really long period of absence. Especially for the industry such as automotive, where the companies always inventing something appealing, just to stay afloat in the growing market. During that period in which Honda Element wasn’t in the States, a lot of things has changed. For instance, the crossover SUV class experienced a renaissance, but a large number of fans won’t agree with that.

They say that the changes simply wasn’t the right thing to do. However, the people from Honda will try with the Element one more time. As stated by the officials from the company, the new 2020 Honda Element will come as a subcompact model. That can only mean one thing – less space inside the vehicle. The layout of the previous version in combination with the legroom was good enough to create a comfortable cabin.

But now, if that space is reduced, the new model won’t be too large-hearted in the legroom area. Also, the first generation of Elemental provide 7-inches of ground clearance. Now, the brand-new model will reduce that as well, to about 6-inches. Of course, this will make new Elemental less capable off-road.

However, if you need good ground clearance, we suggest trying the Honda HR-V. This subcompact crossover offers 7 or 8-inches, depending on the trim level. The good thing about the new Elemental is that the fuel economy will be drastically better. Also, the AWD will probably be available for all models.


The final design of the 2020 Honda Element interior is still covered with a veil of mystery. One thing is certain, the boxy squared shape will provide a high level of functionality. The cabin of the previous version was very well-built, with a lot of space for passenger and good amount of helpful driver-adjustable features. So, the engineers in the Honda must figure something out, something new and attractive, but at the same time, they must try to maintain this vehicle highly practical.

The upcoming Element will deliver a decent amount of space for the headroom, that’s for sure. Furthermore, the cargo space will probably follow the same steps and ensure good cubic feet figures. On top of that, this bulky frame will come handy for ins and outs, both for passengers and the large chunks of gear or whatever.

Even though the interior design is still in the dark, we expect to see very similar design language as on other crossovers in the roster. That specifically refers to the dashboard, that will probably look the same as in the Honda Pilot. Still, we hope that the cabin will deliver some unique and characteristic details and simple but effective design solutions.


2020 Honda Element Hybrid

The famous Japanese company currently already have a representative in the subcompact crossover class. We mentioned earlier the outstanding HR-V, that also comes as a hybrid variant as well. But, that model isn’t available in North America. As a matter of fact, the famous automaker probably won’t bring it overseas any time soon.

So, Honda plans to make a new subcompact with a brand-new type of engine. Of course, this is the part when 2020 Honda Element enters the story as future US electrically-supported subcompact model. The mileage of this new powertrain will make better results than most of its competition. For example, the HR-V return up to 34 mpg, from a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder unit. The Element can beat that with ease.

We expect that the hybrid version will be able to return at least 35 mpg combined. Also, one of the most important updates will be the introducing of the all-wheel drive. The previous model has a two-wheel drive. The fact is – the subcompact models don’t enjoy in spreading power to all wheels. So, it could be an advantage of the forthcoming Element. But, there’s an also bad side to it – the mpg rating could suffer. One thing for sure, the AWD will bring better balance and traction.

2020 Honda Element Interior


When it comes to the things in the engine room, we must go back one more time to get some information. Back in the day, under the bonnet of the first generation, was a 2.4-liter inline-four powertrain. This engine was capable to produce 165 p with 160 lb-ft of torque. That result is good enough even today, for the compact class. But, the company will probably go with the lighter unit for the new 2020 Honda Element.

Given these points, it could easily be a 1.8-liter mill that is in current HR-V. If not, the 2.0-liter unit from one of the past models is a strong candidate as well. These powertrains should bring a lower consumption, but the power and torque levels also will get lower. Whatever happens, good thing is that both of these engines can be paired with a manual gearbox.

Release Date and Price

The production of Element was finished back in 2011. Since then, this model is on a comeback list of its fans. However, we still don’t have any precise date of the return. Recent rumors show that the company will definitely renovate this model.

The 2020 Honda Element will surely bring a lot of attention when it shows on the markets, especially with the electrification trend and possible hybrid version. So, we expect that the Element will come with a starting price just under $20,000. Also, the maintenance cost probably won’t be too expensive and Honda is famous for great warranty deals.

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