2023 Honda Legend News, Rumors, Level 3 Autonomous Driving System

The redesigned 2023 Honda Legend should hit themarket sometime next year. This sedan is one of the most favorites in the class, featuring an attractive design and plenty of amenities. The current model has been on sale since 2014 and is essentially a rebadged Acura RLX. If you didn’t know, the RLX bows out in the United States last year due to waning demand for sedans in that country.

However, the new Legend is coming with some mild refreshments on the front and rear fascia’s. Also, we expect this sedan to feature a more modern cabin and Level 3 autonomous driving systems. As for the powertrain, the updated Legend will stick with the current model’s standard hybrid all-wheel-drive setup.

2023 Honda Legend

2023 Honda Legend Redesign

Thanks to the new images, we can now closely look at the new 2023 Honda Legend. At first glance, the upcoming sedan looks identical to the outgoing one. First of all, dimensionally is the same, and it comes with the same attractive design language.

Moreover, looking at this car, you’ll first notice many similarities with the Acura sedans. However, the Legend has its own styling that is recognized by an attractive grille and greatly shaped headlights. The changes for the 2023 year model include sharper lines, new taillights graphics, and a vast number of wheel options.

More Comfort Inside

The development of the new 2023 Honda Legend will bring many changes inside. First of all, the cabin will provide more comfort and enough legroom and headroom for all five passengers. Like the current model, we expect this sedan to be equipped with a more advanced Honda’s driver-assist technology. As we mentioned, the manufacturer stated that the following Legend would feature technology that will bring a Level 3 system.

Unfortunately, this system is still far from qualifying as fully autonomous. As part of the Level 3 system, you will get a Traffic Jam Pilot, which lets drivers not pay attention while the vehicle was in traffic. Interestingly, Honda stated the driver could watch TV on the infotainment screen while the system is engaged. Alongside this system, we should also expect the new infotainment and many amenities.

2023 Honda Legend interior

Powertrain Specs

Under the hood, the 2023 Honda Legend will be most likely to deploy the same engine as the current one. This sedan uses a hybrid all-wheel-drive setup, providing excellent results and performance.

By the way, it’s the same setup that we saw under the RLX model. The engine consists of a 3.5-liter V-6 powertrain using a trio of electric motors. Thanks to this combination, the Legend is capable of producing 377 horsepower.

2023 Honda Legend Rear

How Much Will Cost the New 2023 Honda Legend?

The new 2023 Honda Legend will receive some mild upgrades that should incorporate a more stylish appearance. Honda has stated that the updated Legend will boast a self-driving system for traffic jams rated at Level 3 autonomous driving.

Level 3 means a car that can handle itself in certain conditions, allowing the driver to let go of the steering wheel. On top of that, the cabin should also be updated with many quality materials and with some of advanced techs. The global sale is expected to starts at half of the following year, with a starting price of around $25,000.

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